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  • Precise specification We dig deep to understand your goals to deliver the most viable solution
  • Collaboration We use Agile and Kanban to move fast and make sure you are involved
  • In-Time delivery Our main goal is to work on schedule and with highest quality

We are best at

  • nodejs
  • angularjs
  • react
  • aurelia
  • meteor
  • mongodb
  • postgresql
  • html
  • extensions
  • ionic
  • reactnative
  • cordova

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Ninjas Team

Maryna Polunina
Management Lead

    Vitaliy Kushnir
    Lead Javascript Developer

      Oleg Lytvynenko
      «Special Jounin»

        Alex Pavlenko
        Javascript Developer

        Dmytro Gusev
        Sales & Marketing

        Yaroslav Golovach
        Technical Lead

          Kate Shevchenko
          Quality Assurance

            Sergey Stetsurin
            Javascript Developer

              Stefan Hitskov
              Javascript Developer

                Andrew Dvornik
                Javascript Developer

                  Vlad Dergachov
                  Search Engines
                  «Special Jounin»

                    Alexey Voshkulat
                    PHP Developer

                      Mikhail Grinenko
                      Team Lead
                      «Special Jounin»

                        Mike Naidenov
                        Javascript Developer

                          Vlad Krasovsky
                          PHP Developer

                            Tamara Prysykar
                            Team Assistant

                              Nikita Yuzhakov
                              Javascript Developer

                                WE ARE HIRING
                                Are you ready to be ninja?

                                GIVING BEST RESULTS EVERY TIME

                                In love with web software development.

                                We are the team of Ukrainian javascript ninjas focused on applications and browser extensions.

                                We use Agile approach to ensure great delivery of products. As our benefits, we provide the 1-year guarantee, NDA signing and post-service for delivered products.

                                We are working on the bleeding edge of NodeJS, AngularJS, React, Meteor, Aurelia, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3 technologies.

                                Our company was established in 2011 and since that we’ve completed more than 100 javascript-based projects, some of which are represented in our portfolio.

                                Codemotion software outsourcing company works with an extensive list of technologies, tools and solutions to meet many of existing challenges and foresee the future for you.

                                Let’s face it, the benefits of IT outsourcing are numerous, and our IT outsourcing company is here to help you avail all these benefits.

                                As a custom outsourcing software development company, we place special emphasis on our customers’ satisfaction. We guarantee the development of upmarket products created in conformity with your requirements. Achieving this is possible only by means of a tight cooperation with customers throughout the entire process of a project’s development.

                                At Codemotion, we understand how important it is to create products that can be easily adjusted to the quickly changing market requirements. To help you withstand a tough competition of your target market, our offshore software outsourcing company uses only the most powerful tools and technologies that allow us developing performant software solutions.

                                We work with numerous advanced technologies and guarantee a complete dedication to each project.

                                If you are looking for a reliable, creative and experienced IT outsourcing company to Ukraine, you have come to the right place, as Codemotion will eagerly become your longtime partner.

                                We will be happy to work with you!