12 ways to monetize an app

The goal of any business is profit. You may have any other mission that is not related to the money but we believe that you and your team need some specific sums to live and enjoy the process. How can you monetize your application? We’ve prepared 12 efficient ways that will let you make people give you their money.

#12 Remove ads

Make people pay for not seeing advertisements inside your application. You may call it an ad-free version of the software. You may wish to get one sum or offer your customers to have a subscription. Or you may test both variants to see which one will be more effective.

#11 Add advertisements

Make people click on the ads inside your application. You can use text ads, banners, video ads and so on. You can change the types of ads to see what brings more profit. Mind choosing the type of the ad and what your customers will see there. It should be related to your business niche somehow.

#10 Find partners

Look for the businesses that have the same target audience as yours. You can make a deal to cross-advertise your apps for free. You can add a logo of a partner onto your app screens or add a link somewhere. You will reach a bigger number of people that might want to give you their money for some of your services.

#9 Add a premium version

You may want to let the users download and run the app for free with a limited number of features. You can let them get access to all the features by paying for it. It may be a one-time purchase or a subscription. The second variant is more efficient as you may predict the revenue for the next few months.

#8 Add in-app purchase

You can sell anything from a premium version of your free app to some additional bonuses that users get for accessing other services that you have and so on. Paid apps are not popular and you can offer your customers to download the app and try it for free before making a purchase.

#7 Use a subscription model

When you have a paid app, you get money once and you start looking for new customers right away. When you have a subscription, you will surely have a much lower price that a customer has to pay at once. You can predict the revenue if you have the subscriptions.

#6 SMS promotion

Use all the messengers and SMS services to contact your current and future app users. Give short links that will lead them to the marketplace or to the checkout. Test how many people read the messages and how many of them make a purchase.

#5 Email promotion

Few people change their emails, so you get a lot of clients for a long-term promotion campaign. Think what kind of email can attract your customers and change the design to test which variant works better.

#4 Use tools for analytics

See who downloads the app. What’s the number of people that launch the app more than once? What do they click or tap on? What’s their behaviour? Do they ignore ads? Use the tools for collecting data about your customers. This will let you choose the marketing campaign that will meet their expectations.

#3 Crowdfunding

Impress people with your ideas and make them give you their money. You can make it at the stage of developing an app or after the release. The earlier you do it the more potential users you will have for the release date. Make people feel they are the part of your team and they are related to the creation of something great.

#2 Donation

In such a case, your customers decide what sums they will give to you for maintaining the application. You may add short links or add buttons into the app to let users do this in an easy way.

#1 Push them

Use push notifications that people are already used to. Don’t overdo and use them only when you have some special value for the users. It may be a new release of the app or a new challenge that you start in social networks.

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