5 steps to hire a great Android developer

How do you find the right person to work on your project? How do you make this process fast and efficient? We’re giving you five steps to take to find the best person ever.

Step #1 Make a list of requirements

The first and primary thing is to define a business goal that you want to reach with the help of a new program. Once you have it, you may collect all the user requirements to define the functionality of the program. When you know what kind of app you want to get, you can start making a list of requirements for a new app developer.

Step #2 Make a list of coders

You may look for the coders wherever you go. If you want to employ an outsourcing developer, you may be happy with the use of Upwork or similar websites for freelancers. You post a job offer with a short description of the future position and you select the best applicants. If you plan to employ a local developer, your search will be limited to your current residence.

Step #3 Check qualification and experience

It’s good to find a highly motivated person for the Android app development process. But if this person doesn’t have any relevant experience, you will spend a lot of time educating and training the new team member. It’s enough to have some contributions to such sites as Github or similar ones.

Step #4 Check the feedback

If the applicants have any experience in developing software, you may ask for some reviews of their work. Here we mean contacting people that employed these people before. Or ask the developers to show you the feedback. If you are using websites for freelancers, you can check the reviews on the profile pages of the users.

Step #5 Evaluate communication

This is the last step where you should have at least two persons. Think if it’s easy for you to chat or talk with them. Do you get all the answers to your questions? Are you satisfied with the way the conversation is going? Think about the time zone and language barriers if there are any. And make the final decision.

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