6 tips to define that your outsourcing provider is a trusted professional

The idea to outsource comes to a lot of entrepreneurs thanks to the cost and time efficiency during the software development. How can you get the maximum profit from outsourcing the services? You should be sure that you deal with a trusted professional. In this case, you will get a team of experts that will work on a one-time project or will become an extended team for your company for many years.

How to choose the most reliable it service provider?

The success of your business relies on people that you hire. Working with an in-house team often seems more reliable and easy to manage that cooperation with a remote team. But when we mean efficiency in a matter of time and cost in the app development, outsourcing is the right thing that will give you a lot of benefits. We give you six tips that will let you define the best outsourcing partners for your business.

Tip #1 Define the mission

Your company should have a final goal or the destination point where you want to arrive at. This should be stated for the whole work of your business and for separate projects. The mission is not related to the profit but to what you give and what you get besides it. For example, you want to make the purchase of a salad as easy as it may ever be. Share these ideas to find like minders.

Tip #2 Do the research

Start googling your future partners. You may find a new team wherever you go. It may be any country in the world. Share your mission, navigate through freelancing websites and the ones that offer outsourcing services. Look for the ones that can share your ideas and become a part of your real team.

Tip #3 Check portfolio and reference

You may have a solid list of candidates and here comes the time to check their proficiency. It’s good to download and run the apps that were built by the companies you choose. It’s also good to find out the names of the developers that took part in building the project. You can contact them directly or read this information inside the app.

Tip #4 Discuss your goals

You may have several teams to choose from. It’s time to get in touch with them. If you have a clear understanding of what kind of project you want to develop, it will be easy to plan your work with the best candidates. Let the potential outsourcing partners describe their vision of how they can help you reach your goals. You may get effective variants.

Tip #5 Discuss a relationship

It’s good to have clear goals and a plan of actions. But what do you call a trusted relationship? It’s good to discuss how you are going to overcome obstacles if there any and how you will solve any problems in relationships between your in-house and outsourcing teams. Think of how you will celebrate holidays, birthdays and if you plan to organize any events in or outside your office.

Tip #6 Trust and appreciate

If you choose an IT outsourcing provider, you consider a lot of issues like qualification, experience, portfolio and so on. You should be able to trust and delegate important tasks to the remote team that you hire. It’s not a good idea to control and double check every single step they make. If you see that you have a great progress or you get more than expected, let them know about it.

Codemotion: a reliable IT outsourcing provider

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