8 reasons why mobile apps fail

You spend time and money on building an application from scratch. There comes a time for the release, you expect thousands of downloads and a lot of happy customers. But you get nothing. Or you deal with a great number of refunds. You may even get too many negative feedbacks. That’s a real failure.

What makes a bad app?

Choosing the wrong team for the app development will surely make the project fail. But are there any other things that can make the best application ignored by people? We think there are 8 major reasons for the application to fail. What are they? Take a look below.

Reason #1. Wrong release time

Who wants to spend money on the app or the in-app purchase during the Christmas holidays or after the Black Friday? Some businesses have high seasons when they have maximum profit and dead seasons when nothing ever happens. Think carefully when you want people to get to know your app.

Reason #2. Wrong strategy

There are a lot of companies that have only one goal – to get to the App Store or any other marketplace. And they get shocked after they publish the app and nothing happens. You should think of a proper marketing strategy after you finish the software development. How will people find you in the marketplace?

Reason #3. No value

What makes your application different from hundreds of similar ones? What value do you give for your users? If you don’t give them anything new or specific, you will fail. Your app will definitely fail. An example of value may be a better and easier interface or some additional features that your competitors lack.

Reason #4. Wrong platform

Making an app for a single operating system in the era of cross-platform software is a failure. You limit the number of customers and you ignore the fact that they can have more than one gadget with different OS installed.

Reason #5. Bugs

What can be worse than seeing bugs or anything working the wrong way after the installation? You may get a lot of negative feedbacks that will spoil your reputation. Even if you fix everything in a short time, there will be a high probability that you will have no success with the app.

Reason #6. Too complicated

If there are too many elements on the screen of the app, you will make the user feel confused about where to tap o or anything else. The more complicated your app is the fewer users will open it for the second time. An example may look like having ten buttons on one screen that are not related one to another and long transitions between screens. The user gets lost and closes the app.

Reason #7. Ignoring feedbacks

If you have an application that people are using, you should make sure you have all the feedback channels working. If people leave feedback and you don’t react anyhow, your app will fail. If users don’t see any reaction even to positive comments, they may become unsatisfied with this fact. If people leave negative feedback, ignoring them may prevent other people from using your software.

Reason #8. Too many ads

It’s good to get profit from your software but please make it look good. If a user opens an app and there’s a huge banner right away, they will surely close it and never open again. Make advertisements small and slightly visible not to interfere with the user’s activity.

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