How to achieve your business goals using UpWork?

If you are a freelancer or an outsource team looking for new clients, Upwork is a good platform for this purpose. What do you get by registering on the site? How does this site differ from the similar ones? How can you make real money and gain a positive reputation on Upwork? How much time do you need for this? We have all the answers and we’re ready to share them with you.

How to get started on Upwork?

The first and initial step is registering and stating some information about the company profile. You can indicate what market niche you are in and what you expect to get from cooperation with the freelancers. You should verify the payment methods you will use and define the rates for the people you plan to hire.

The next step will be creating job offers with detailed descriptions of what you need to be done. If you give little detail, you may not interest pro developers. If you give too much information, some candidates may simply omit the offer. Stay short and precise. Define how you plan to pay for work.

You can have a few variants. One of them is defining an hourly rate. You will track the time that a freelancer spends on the project with the help of a special desktop application. One more variant is to pay a fixed price for the whole project. And the last one is dividing a big project into milestones and paying for each separately.

How to work with Upwork?

When you just start your career, it’s complicated to get the best deals as you have no proven experience. However, you can prepare a pitch that you will add to the cover letter and convince the people that you are the right candidate for that very job. You can give links to the portfolio or to your websites.

There are two types of the profile on Upwork and you have a limited number of offers that you can send. If you update your profile, you will get more bonuses and more opportunities to get a better job. You can use your keywords or type them into the search field on your own and look through the list of proposals.

Once you see the one that is a good fit for you and you know that you have enough knowledge and experience for that, you can send a proposal. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive a notification. You can have a short chat with the client and ask questions if you have any. When you finish the task, the client ends the deal and you get your money within a week.

How to use Upwork effectively?

Does it seem to be too easy to be true? Upwork cannot guarantee that clients will choose you for completing some specific tasks. You define the hourly rate or the cost of the whole task yourself and you indicate this price. It may be low or high. There are clients that just post jobs and don’t accept any proposals.

Take a look at the profile of the client or at the proposal. You can see how much money this company has spent on Upwork. If you see that the Payment is unverified and the sum is $0.00, it’s much safer to send a proposal to another client. Why should you do so? You don’t lose anything but your time and the number of connects.

It’s good to have a few variants of the pitches for different clients. Of course, the perfect variant is to prepare a cover letter for every single proposal to make it look and sound special. Don’t forget to read the job offer and evaluate if you have enough time for completing it. If you send too many proposals, you may lack the time and you will get negative feedback for not completing tasks on time.

How much money can you make on Upwork?

There’s one thing that can make you a bit shocked. The commission of Upwork is 20% from the first few sums that you get. The percentage will get lower with time. If you are a complete newbie, take a look at what kind of fees clients offer for the candidates. You will have a picture of how much you can earn for one hour of work.

If you are charged per hour, you will need to install a specific software that will track your time and make screenshots for the client. You can work without this app and indicate the time you spent on work manually but it will be harder to prove that you have really done something. In this case, Upwork won’t guarantee a full payment from the client.

Depending on your qualification and your experience, you can set an hourly fee from $2 per hour and limit yourself with hundreds of dollars if you wish so. If you want to earn more, you should prove that you will provide the client with the best result from your work. If you have enough feedback and you have gained some reputation already, you are free to define your personal fee.

How much can you make on Upwork? If you do your best and do your best for applying to all valuable proposals, you will be able to earn some good sums of money. In some time, you will receive enough tasks to organize a full-time working day with the corresponding level of income.

How to get paid on Upwork?

Once you have submitted the work for payment, you will wait until the client approves it or sends you for making updates. Everything depends on how you make a deal before you begin your work. If the work is approved, you will have to wait for some time until the money will transfer from the client’s account to yours. It can take a few days. Once your balance is over $0.00, you can get paid.

If the work hasn’t been approved, you should find out the reasons for it. If the client refuses to pay money, you can contact the Upwork support team and provide proves that you have completed the task. If you prove that you have done it, you will receive your money. Ask the client to leave the feedback for you and don’t forget to do the same.

How I make money on Upwork

Codemotion is a Ukrainian web development team that started its way on Upwork many years ago. How do we make money using Upwork? What makes us stand out is a clear and precise understanding of what we’re the best at. We’re JavaScript ninjas, so we don’t send proposals to projects where other technologies are required.

We’re goal oriented and we know exactly how to solve the needs of every customer. Each of our team reads the task carefully to see if we have enough time and qualification to complete the task. We’re ready to deliver simple and complex solutions and we take care of our reputation.

Take a look at the Codemotion profile on Upwork and view the feedbacks that we have. You can also view the projects that we participated in to make sure we’re a reliable team and we know what we’re doing. To hire a developer from the Codemotion team, you can simply post a job and give us the link to it. We’ll deliver a 101% result in short time.