Advantages Of Outsourcing Software Development

How can we call a fast, inexpensive and efficient way to build a new project? Outsourcing? Thanks to the technology breakthrough during the last decades, you have a chance to hire a talented and skilled developer that is located in any country of the world.

Do you have to look for a remote worker if you have enough qualified candidates for the in-house position? Let’s figure it out.

In-house vs outsourcing software development

A few things you face when hiring an in-house developer:

  • Live communication at any time, quick problem solving;
  • A better control and easier assessment of work;
  • A new person needs time to get fully involved in the development process;
  • High operating costs, you pay all the taxes, insurance and so on;
  • You have to pay a salary even if there are no tasks for some time.

A few things you face when hiring a remote developer:

  • Low operating costs, you don’t pay taxes and you don’t have to buy equipment;
  • Live communication via chats and video calls;
  • Less control from your side (but you define ways of assessing the progress);
  • A new person has more experience to jump into a project right away;
  • You have a contract and you pay a fixed amount.

Advantages of outsourcing

We have included some advantages of outsourcing software development into the list above. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you get for your business after hiring a remote worker. Which of the following is not an advantage of outsourcing?

#1 Cost efficiency

It’s not a secret that most companies hire remote developers to save money. The sums can be tremendous especially if you plan to craft a mobile game or release any complicated project. Saving a few hundred thousand dollars is a real benefit in this case. Another side of cost efficiency is the absence of operating costs at all.

#2 Strict deadlines

Reputation is what really matters in the online world. When you start working with the outsourcing company, there’s a high probability that you will get everything completed on time.

#3 A motivated partner

If an outsourcing company plans to cooperate for a long time, the team members become interested in further development and prosperity of your company.

#4 Mutual responsibility

A motivated partner will share the risks and will try to minimize them as the prosperity of an outsourcing company depends on the success of your organization.

#5 High efficiency

When you hire someone from an outsourcing company, a new team player will have a great amount of various experience, so there’s no urgent need to spend weeks or months training the newcomers.

Advantages may surprise or even shock. But is it so good to be true? Let’s list some of the negative sides of hiring an outsource developer:

  • If you cannot accept the fact that someone can work remotely, it will be very hard for you to enjoy the advantages.;
  • Different time zones. If the difference is significant, you will have to wait for the online status.

What other pros can we add here besides the ones that were already mentioned above? The key advantage will remain the same for at least ten next years. It may easily ruin the drawbacks of remote cooperation if there are any.

Outsourcing software development by Codemotion

Codemotion team has years of experience in developing software as an outsourcing company. We know how to organize the workflow to reach the maximum efficiency and complete the tasks within fixed deadlines. We’re interested in long-term cooperation to help companies around the world reach all their business objectives.

Get all the advantages of developing a new project with an outsource team. We’re here to deliver high-quality solutions for the maximum time and cost efficiency.