How to arrange effective work with a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person that represents a business and a professional worker at once. You will need not only manage the work and provide tasks but also make payments, discuss the costs and so on. How can you make your cooperation effective and what are the common mistakes that may easily spoil the whole workflow? Scroll down to see the answers.

Working with freelancers: a step-by-step guide

A freelancer can become a part of your current team and stay in any country of the world. Managing the communication and organizing a smooth workflow will lead to the best results. Find the right person with the corresponding qualification and the required experience. Once you do it, take the steps below to make sure you will work for a long period.

Pay on time

There’s a huge difference in a matter of payment terms when we talk about big companies and freelancers. Ontime payment is the thing that pays a huge role in successful cooperation. Keep in mind that a freelancer is a single person with the lack of operating costs that has to pay for rent, food and other things that will let them perform the tasks.

Give a steady amount of work

If you provide a remote worker with a fixed number of working hours for the next month or a few months or you give a fixed amount of work, it will be a great plus for you. In most of the cases, freelancers will make your tasks of high priority as they will get a steady income from you. It’s good to discuss how you plan to provide tasks to the worker.

Build a relationship

If you hire a person, don’t limit your communication to giving the tasks and paying for them. Try to build a relationship to make sure this very freelancer that you are satisfied with will not leave you and choose the company that takes care of communication issues. Evaluate the results of the work and provide good feedback.

Don’t lower the rates

The worst nightmare of a freelancer is a talk where you will ask them to lower the rates. If you receive some proposals from other candidates at lower rates, you should accept or decline them without informing your current freelancer about this fact. If you made a deal about an hourly fee, you shouldn’t change it for lower. But you can raise the rate if your budget lets you do it.

Invest in training

If you expect that a freelancer will spend free hours learning something about your company or what you are focused on, you’re wrong. Freelancers do tasks for other companies and this is not a secret. If you want them to dive into some specific points related to your activities, you should pay for the time a remote worker will spend on it.

Let a freelancer have free time

It’s good to have some fixed time periods during the day when you can get in touch with a freelancer. It’s not good to send messages or call them at night or whenever you wish as freelancers can have their personal routine that is not related to your work. Such a rude invasion into another person’s life may make a freelancer leave you and choose another company for future cooperation.

Tips on how to working with freelance may become efficient

When you have some basic ideas on how to build a relationship with a remote worker, let’s take a look at some practical tips on how to build a working process that will be effective for both sides.

Check the proficiency

This is the primary step before you start work with any freelancer. Give the candidates proficiency tests, conduct an interview and choose the right freelancer that will cope with the tasks. It’s good to check the portfolio and if that person has ever worked as a freelancer before, so there’s a clear understanding of how the things will be going on.

Set the goals

It’s good to explain the goals of the company and the project that you start with a freelancer. Describe where you are going and how you plan to achieve your goals. You can even talk of how many clients you want to come to the company this year or the income you want to get. Think what information will be valuable for a new team member.

Define the role of a freelancer

Once you have described the goals, it’s good to state where you see a freelance on this roadmap. Even if a remote worker takes care of some unimportant or tiny pieces of work, you should describe how their work will influence the overall result. This is very important if you plan a long-term cooperation in the future.

Discuss the workflow

When you have clear goals and a freelancer understands the role in the project, it’s time to have a talk about the work. Do you have a fixed amount of hours per week or will you give a piece of work and a remote worker will spend as much time on work as needed? Will you get everything done by the deadline or in parts from time to time?

Set the milestones

If you have a big project, it’s good to set the milestones. For example, you may have a piece of work that will take six months to accomplish. There’s no sense to wait for such a long period of time and find out that nothing is done. Set the milestones for each week or month and get in touch with a freelancer to check them.

Discuss how you will solve problems

If you don’t think about the problems, it doesn’t mean they won’t happen. If you cannot find solutions and you blame a freelancer in everything you can, you will probably have to find another person for this position. Discuss how you will describe the problems and how you plan to solve them.

Discuss how you will evaluate work

And the last point is the evaluation of work. As said above, don’t limit yourself to simply paying for the work. Give feedback. You can use any means for that. If you have noticed some specific achievements, focus on them and give a word of thank you. Such things mean a lot to freelancers.

Top five mistakes when working with freelancers

What should you do to make a freelancer run away from you as fast as possible? Here are the worst five things that you can do with a remote team player.

#1: Update the task after receiving the completed work

Imagine a situation where you give the task, you receive a completed work and some brilliant ideas come to your mind about how you can improve it. You update the task and send it to a freelancer with the request to make edits as soon as possible. Why shouldn’t you do this? A remote worker has a limited period of time for your tasks and exceeding this limit means working some time for free.

#2: Pay less

If you change the hourly fee after the job is done, you will surely lose this freelancer. Your remote team player can calculate the number of hours spent on the project and the sum for work. If you pay less, you will easily spoil your reputation and you will have to look for other people for the position.

#3: Express emotions wherever you can

You give the task to a freelancer and you get the job done. It’s good to build a relationship between you and that person. But don’t dive into the world of emotions where you are scared, unsatisfied or you are sick and tired of the freelancers or the way you communicate. If you yell or express negative emotions in the chat, you will probably have to look for another freelancer.

#4: Don’t consider a freelancer’s opinion as important

A freelancer may have some solid experience behind like working on similar projects with other companies. This lets them know which things can be used for a better performance. If you refuse any advice or any suggestions from a remote worker without any explanations, it may spoil your future cooperation.

#5: Treat a freelancer as a little child

If you tell another person what to do and how to do some basic things, you will not build good communication. A freelancer that you hire has some level of expertise, so there’s no sense to waste time explaining some unimportant things. And don’t turn your conversations into talks as if you are dealing with little kids and you are the grown-up that knows everything perfectly.

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