Are back-end developers more respected than front-end developers?

Don’t consider this question to be a weird one as there are many people that are interested in knowing the answer. Front-developers are in charge of the GUI – what the users see. They don’t deal with any business logic or any databases. But they sometimes get bored and they try to do some of the back-end tasks with the front-end tools.

This is a mistake and there’s a simple reason for this. The back-end part of the solution responds for many more factors than the front-end one. For example, if we take a shopping cart, the front-end developer will add a beautiful form that will calculate the total sum of the order. A back-end developer will add a form together with all possible discounts and other nuances.

What is frontend and backend programming?

Front-end development is considered to deal with the blocks of data that are displayed in front of the customers. There are some layers, blocks, a few more layers of blocks and so on. Back-end development is all about rendering the data for the blocks that are displayed. This is the most complex task and people that are engaged in the process, consider themselves to play a much more important role in a team.

No matter how complex an app can be, the user interface part seems to be dull and boring. The back-end part is more interesting and challenging. What about the qualification of a front-end developer? What are the key requirements for a successful workflow?

The first thing that a coder should be aware of is HTML. Is it easy to learn and to use? Yes, it is. The second thing to know is CSS. Here we have so many nuances that may drive a back-end developer crazy. There are positioning, padding, a huge number of browser versions and so on. And we have JavaScript. Here we have frameworks that need to work together or manage other frameworks.

Back-end developers greatly respect front-end colleagues as they deal with such a dull and crazy stuff that most people would just run away from. The work on the front-end part looks like dancing a strange and exotic dance and doing some black magic to make some specific elements work the right way.

A front-end developer vs back-end developer

If we take real developers and think what other people think of them, what will we have? Let’s imagine one front-end and one back-end coder. Who can respect both or only some of them? Let’s take a look below.

  • Front-end and back-end developers respect each other as they are responsible for different pieces of work;
  • Colleagues from the marketing team. They may forget your name or how you even look like no matter what kind of coder you are;
  • Your friends would have probably asked what you do more than once without even understanding what you are responsible for.;
  • There’s no difference in the income;
  • The project manager will not even bother who you are and what you are responsible for;
  • Your family will probably not even know how to explain your workflow or obligations to other people;
  • Your cat or dog will not even care if you are a front-end or a back-end coder.

Programming is a complicated work no matter what kind of tasks you do. Developing a good and smooth UI is a nightmare for most of the server-side fans. It’s well-known that working on the server side is much more interesting as you don’t have so many monotonous tasks and you don’t produce tons of code.

Codemotion is both front and back-end

We are a team of qualified and certified front and back-end developers. We know how to deal with different technologies to build a high-quality product. We have a great portfolio with completed projects and positive reviews from our clients. We deliver 101% result before the deadline. We respect each developer of the team and we work together to help you reach your goals.