Build Operate Transfer Model In Software Outsourcing

Outsourcing software development services become more and more popular thanks to a great cost efficiency and high quality of a new product. Build Operate Transfer pattern comes at hand when you are looking for a successful way to cooperate with a remote team. What stands behind the name of the pattern and how can you benefit from using it? Scroll down to see the answers.

What is a Build Operate and Transfer model?

We have three words in the name of the modes that mean three phases.

Build phase

It’s the preparation stage when you look for the staff, purchase and install all required equipment, software and other appliances. You set up the administration and other issues regarding the operating activity.

Operate phase

It’s high time for managing the project. Here we mean project development, it’s management, updates and support. We can add also education and training for the team members to improve their qualifications. There’s a limited period of time devoted to this stage.

Transfer phase

This is the end of the contract when the ownership of the project is assigned to the client. The contract may end earlier or later for many reasons. In some cases, clients prolong the contract with the remote company.

4 reasons to choose BOT model

Here are the key reasons for choosing the BOT for your business:

  • You save time and money. The first thing here is time as you deal with hourly fees.
  • You get a team that acts out as a single body. You don’t spend resources on uniting and motivating everyone.
  • You have less stress. When you assign important projects to professionals, the level of stress becomes much lower.
  • You get high proficiency. You can pick up the best teams or companies from any country.

BOT model benefits

Why should you use this model when working with offshore partners? Here are the major benefits that you get:

  • Faster product release in the market. You have an efficient workflow that lets you enter a new market earlier than your competitors do this.
  • Cost efficiency. If you spend less and you earn more, your business will prosper. You can save up to 60% of the budget with the BOT.
  • Little risk. Most of the problems are predictable and you can solve them before they occur. We can call it a safe investment.
  • Qualified staff. When you start the project, they already know what to do and how to do it.
  • Easy scaling. Flexibility is what in-house teams lack. If you need one more coder, you get them in a moment.
  • New technology use. Clients get information about the latest trends and technology use from the offshore partners.

Outsourcing software development by Codemotion

Using the BOT model can give you a lot of advantages while working with Codemotion team. You get the best quality of services at a reasonable cost. We stick to the three core phases such as Build, Operate and Transfer to let you focus on your marketing goals and assign us the entire project management.

We’re a team of professional JavaScript developers that work together to give our clients the maximum profit. We value our reputation, so we deliver a 101% result. We deliver products within the deadlines and provide clients with an effective communication.