An easy way to choose the top-rate mobile app development team for you

A reliable outsourcing coders’ team can bring your ideas into life and help you reach your business objectives. How to choose the right team among hundreds of similar companies? We’ve got a few key tips for you.

How to pick up a good mobile application development company?

Consider several variants of cooperation and define the one that will meet your requirements.

End-to-end development

Here we have a team that will be in charge of the whole lifecycle including planning, coding, testing and launching. It’s very important to work with an outsourcing team that has enough people with the required qualification to perform such tasks and building a strategy and delivering an MVP.

If you hire a team that doesn’t have at least one person for crafting design or testing, you will fail. You should understand the basic concepts of the workflow and how each role is performed. This will help you evaluate your success in the future.

Development and design

This type of cooperation comprises mobile app building and crafting the UI and UX. This case is good for you if you already have the strategy, clear business goals and you have a marketing campaign after the launch of an MVP. What happens to you if you choose a wrong team? There’s the same rule as with the above situation. Qualified staff is the key to a successful cooperation.

Check the portfolio and run any apps that have been developed by that team to check the proficiency. It’s good to have one team in charge of both development and design because it will be more efficient in a matter of time and money.


If you have your own coders’ team or you have already a prototype of the future app, hiring designers is a good choice for you. What you get is a good UI and UX delivered by the designers of an outsourcing company. Here you should also check the proficiency to prevent any time or cost loss. And the best way to do it is to view the portfolio.


It’s good if you have a team of designers who can bring the best user experience and interface to your client. You can hire coders from around the globe following the same rule as above – check the proficiency. Mind the time zone and any communication problems at the stage of choosing the right partner.

Need a mobile app developer? Check the candidates

Here are the essentials checkups that you should organize for the candidates.

Check reputation

There are thousands of companies available online. You can choose any country or region. The first thing to check is reputation. Can you find the reviews about it? What do people write about the company? Here we mean not only the clients but the employees as well.

Check the customer service

The company may provide great professional assistance but a poor customer service. If you see that it’s complicated to get the answers to your questions or you are simply ignored, there’s no sense to sit and wait. If you have such troubles at the beginning your way, just imagine how you will solve real problems that will appear somewhere in the middle of the process.

Check the cost efficiency

Mind the locality of the company and the local pricing policy for that region. The difference for app building in different countries may reach hundreds of thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the project. The cost always matters for startups, so it’s good to take into consideration the quality, the cost and the time.

We can build your app

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