What is an End-To-End development?

End2end development comprises a few issues: software, hardware, and human skills. It means that there’s only one team working on the application from beginning to the finish line. You may hear about E2E solutions that aim at setting the efficient workflow of any business. Here we mean cost, time and hiring qualified developers.

One single vendor handles the task and this will let you keep up the pace of the workflow and implement any changes if they are required. You won’t face any hassle and resources waste. Reaching business objectives consists of predefined steps and all the results become predictable.

One of the key things that will lead any company to success is spending minimum resources and getting the maximum profit. The end-to-end software building process can give you such an opportunity and let you release a new product in a short time.

E2E software development life cycle

When we are talking about the life cycle, we mean the process consisting of specific working stages: describing user preferences or requirements, designing, coding, and so on. Management of the process is not included here. Each developer that is engaged in the development process should clearly realize final objectives, milestones and what kind of tasks they will deal with.

Such an approach will let you release a new application much faster with fewer expenses. If you face any problems during the process, it will be easier to detect and solve them. You can predict probable bugs and avoid them. End-to-end development process provided by the right team will give you a quick pace of coding.

Benefits of End-to-End solution

How can you benefit from hiring a company that provides end to end services? Here are four major issues that will let your business stand out:

#1. Planning. Defining the final objectives and the ways to reach them with minimal risks is what you get. You will get a detailed description of what your users need and what kind of problems they can solve with your product. You will also get the evaluation of risks at the beginning of your way.

#2. Coding. This step is performed by the same team and there’s no need to explain еhe details of the process. It’s good to have a group of people that have already worked together over one project in the past.

#3. Action. There’s little time between planning and doing all the routine. This gives you a great benefit as you can jump into a new market niche in a shorter time than you planned before.

#4. Evaluation. The last steps comprise an evaluation of the plan and all the work that has been done. You will have a deep analysis of all the drawbacks if there were any with proposals on how they can be fixed or avoided in the future.

Get the most from e2e software development life cycle with Codemotion

Codemotion is a team of experts that are good at the end to end software development. We are located in Ukraine but we provide services around the globe. We’re can act out as a remote team or become a part of your existing one. Planning, assembling the tasks, implementing everything and evaluating success are the core actions when dealing with e2e development.

Our team deals with a full development lifecycle and you can check the portfolio to see that. Qualified coders, project managers, and other team members deliver 101% result within a predefined deadline. Cost and time efficient app development are what you get with Codemotion.