How to Find Programmers for a Startup?

How to Find Programmers for a Startup?

Once you have an idea that will bring you some profit, you need to find the right developer that will help you succeed. A good candidate should share your values and be proficient in coding, designing and testing. You may treat a new team player as a partner or as an employee.

You’ve probably seen a lot of cases when developers were hired as employees. What do we have in this case? The first thing here is money. Are you ready to pay big sums for the work of a talented and qualified programmer? An average salary starts from $50,000 and reaches a peak for Senior programmers.

If you have a little money, you won’t afford such a way. One of the ways to reduce costs is outsourcing. If you’re still looking for someone to be an employee, you have a high risk that the developer will disappear somewhere in the middle of the project. Another thing is when looking for a partner. You get a highly motivated person that will surely help you reach all business goals.

Three steps to finding programmers

We will give three basic steps that will let you find the right person for developing a high-quality application.

Step #1 Networking

Make a list of all the conferences that you have at your location and the ones that are far away. Make sure you’re looking for the events related to coding and building projects somehow. You should do your best to have a short talk with as many people as possible. You can prepare some phrases and questions in advance to make the time you spend there productive.

You will meet a lot of people that will attract you by the ease of communication and a great interest in your application. It’s good to pick up the best candidates and offer them cooperation and become partners for your startup.

Step #2 Prototyping

Once you have selected the candidates for the position of a partner, it’s time to check their proficiency. The easiest way here is to ask them to make an app from scratch. Express all your ideas about the app you want to build and let that person prototype all of them. Here you will evaluate the way that person plans time, makes a choice of the technology and completes the task on time.

There’s no sense to be happy with asking questions about work. If you aren’t an expert in programming, you won’t be able to evaluate the answers the right way. If this is the right person in front of you, you will get the first version of the future application. This will let you assess the qualification and see how the app will look like.

Step #3 Partnering

If you are happy with the result of the test task, it’s time to make an offer. Have a short task where you will describe the way you will cooperate, your responsibilities and business goals. You may discuss all the questions that bother both of you and answer the questions of each other.

The goal of this step is to make a deal, define the roles of everyone and begin the cooperation. It’s good to draw a roadmap with the milestones and pit stops for evaluating the progress. Make sure that your new partner is highly motivated and is not involved in other complex projects that take much time. It’s important if you expect the partner to work full-time.

Where to find programmers online?

It’s good to visit conferences and meetups. But what if you don’t have time for that? What if you cannot afford spending so much time going somewhere and simply talking to people? There’s a way out. You can use all the online resources that were created for freelancers. You may even take a look at the Upwork website or similar ones.

The algorithm is the same here. You make an acquaintance, describe the project, test skills and offer the partnership. Of course, if you plan to hire a person as an employee, you can easily find the right person online. Be attentive and make sure that the right person shares your values, understands the goals and has a high level of proficiency.

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