Fintech trends 2019

The financial sector is constantly developing and improving. Fintech niche has its tendencies and trends that we try to predict each year. Here we mean processes, services and some new things that may become a real revolution in the Fintech world. Let’s take a close look at the top trends for the 2019 year.

Virtual assistant

Artificial intelligence is around us. We can find it in simple games and in the applications we use every day. For example, Siri on iOS or Google search through the voice commands. And now imagine that you need to make a call to the bank, you wait for the connection with the support representative and you end up with nothing.

You may have your personal bank assistant next to you inside your mobile gadget. You can communicate with them via voice commands or by text messages. You can make any request as if you were talking to a real person. There’s one thing that you should mind as a service provider. Your virtual assistant should look like and behave like a real person.

Online banks

We’re used to seeing banks as real buildings that you can come to and see it with your own eyes. One of the Fintech trends of 2019 is creating virtual banks. There are no real institutions and a big number of people working there. People will need their gadgets to access the application to manage the accounts.

One of the most well-known examples of an online bank is Revolut. You can exchange currency and even cryptocurrency. There are over 2 million users these days and the daily number of newcomers is from 6 to 8 thousand people. A great benefit for users is saving time and costs.

No cash

Every year brings less and less needs to carry cash in a wallet. 2019 is not an exception. This trend remains at the top position. The popularity of cryptocurrencies and online payment systems make each transaction safe and secure. There’s no need to leave home to make a purchase or any other financial operation.

Biometric technology

It stands for security and safety of the user data and all the transactions. There’s a big number of cyber attacks every year and the security issues are of high importance in 2019. Fintech sector should avoid any kinds of fraud. Biometric technology serves to fill the gaps in the security issues.

Users go through the identification steps or they confirm some transactions with the help of biometrics. You can use a combination of a camera together with the biometric scanning to authenticate the customer.


It’s a bit controversial trend for different experts. One of the benefits of blockchain technology is a great reduction of paperwork. Every single transaction is logged in real time. There’s no central node, so there are no risks to lose any data or details about any actions by the users. Banks find the use of blockchain efficient in a matter of time and cost.

Data lending

There’s one thing that all the banks bother about. It’s big data. FICO is a thing that is supposed to go away in some time. Fintech trends lead to replacing FICO credit score via data lending. It’s an outdated technology but data lending will allow banks access information to define the suitability and qualifications of the loans.

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