Five worst mistakes you can ever make when hiring a remote team

Looking for new developers and employing new remote team players is a tough task that requires a thorough approach. There are common mistakes that a lot of companies make and start considering outsourcing services as something inefficient and problematic. Here are the top common mistakes that you should definitely avoid to make the release of your new project successful.

Mistake #1. Delegating wrong tasks

The popularity of outsourcing services makes a lot of companies delegate all the tasks that they have to remote teams. And this may lead to a waste of time and costs. How’s that possible? There is a specific part of work that can be done by an in-house team in a short time while a remote team will need to become aware of the task and other aspects before even working on it.

How can you avoid such a problem? Think of the tasks that may take too much time from the in-house workers. Here we mean the ones that require automation or scheduling and great management resources. You can easily delegate such tasks and get the highest efficiency in the use of time and costs.

Mistake #2. Communicating in a wrong way

How do you treat the difference in cultures? Are you ready for the offline status of some workers at a specific time of the day? What about choosing the channel of communication? Do you prefer chats or emails? Why don’t you try using video calls where you see the people and you can build an efficient conversation in such a situation.

Think of the difference in the time zones and which ones you cannot deal with. If you feel that communication is complicated, you should definitely have a manager that will cope with this task. It’s an important part of a successful cooperation, so give it a high priority.

Mistake #3. Setting a fixed rate

If you have a small project, you can be fine with such rates. If you have a complex one, you cannot predict how many working hours it will require. And the number of hours may change during the process, so having a fixed price is not attractive for experienced developers.

What’s the way out here if you have a fixed budget for the whole project? When planning work, calculate the number of hours that you need and add about 50% to them. You will get an approximate budget for such work. Hourly rates will attract more developers.

Mistake #4. Ignoring qualification or experience

It’s good to see in the profiles or the future team members that they have a qualification and some experience. Will you hire them right away? You should check if the data is true to life. If you just trust the words without any tests or tasks, you have a very high risk to fail. If you have something to develop, make sure you’re hiring the right people for that.

Another problem here is hiring a person that has knowledge or experience in similar technologies. If you need a great JS developer, there’s no sense to hire a Python coder and vice versa. To check the experience, find the apps that were developed by that team, install and test the if it’s possible.

Mistake #5. Having imaginary expectations

If you don’t believe in unicorns and magic, it doesn’t mean you will never have some exaggerated expectations regarding a new team. Be as realistic as you can or you will fail. Set reachable milestones and goals and don’t rush. Discuss the milestones with the project manager and with the team.

Be flexible and update the deadlines or the workload if you are not happy with the progress. This will let you keep the team motivated and avoid one of the biggest outsourcing mistakes.

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