How to get the most from Outsourcing software development for Your Company

The goal of every startup or business is to make the development of a new application time and cost efficient. This is the reason for choosing outsourcing software development services these days. What are the pros and cons of such an approach? How can you benefit from going this way? Scroll down to see the answers.

Pros and Cons of outsourcing software development


  • To save time
  • To save money
  • To hire the best experts
  • To finish the project on time


  • To have a high risk of failure
  • To have to control the work of a remote team

What are the advantages of outsourcing software development?

A great advantage that you get is having no geographical limits for hiring real experts. You can pick up the best team that shares the same values and has enough experience to help you reach the results. You have a chance to find out new and efficient ways to build your app.

Such a company deals with different types of projects, so they can offer much more variants for your app than in-house coders that deal only with a limited set of tasks. New solutions may mean reducing costs or getting much better results than expected.

How to get all benefits from outsourcing software development?

We’ve collected the most productive ways of cooperation with a remote team that will help you reach the goals.

#1 Why do you need such a team?

Before you start monitoring outsourcing software development companies, define clear and precise reasons why you need them. It can be even a list of reasons for and against hiring a remote team for a new project. Calculate the cost and the time you will spend on a new team. Consider having time to supervise the progress and think of how you will organize the communication.

#2 Set the goals and define milestones

You have a final goal and you divide the whole project into parts. Each part is considered to be a new milestone. We advise you to evaluate how easy or difficult it’s to finish the tasks on time. If milestones are too hard to reach, you will kill all the motivation inside the team and get a high risk to fail.

#3 Keep in touch with the team

If you organize regular calls, chats or video conferences, you will control the progress and guide the team in the right direction. If you don’t do this, you may fail as delegating work without any control from your side is a real gamble. You never know if you win. Choose the most comfortable ways of communication and schedule your online meetups.

#4 Always have a backup plan

What will you do if you face a problem? What if someone from the team gets ill? It’s great to have one more plan that will let you act immediately if you face any trouble or obstacle. It’s good to have a fixed sum of money for such cases. Being flexible and ready for changes means a lot.

#5 Don’t expect a miracle

Some people consider that an outsourcing team can do anything that a human can ever think of. They are average people and they don’t have a magic wind to build a complex application in a few days. It’s impossible. Be realistic and don’t expect unrealistic results.

Codemotion: offshore outsourcing software development company

Cost and time efficiency together with a great experience let the Codemotion team stand out among competitors. We’re here to become a part of your existing team or fully take care of developing a new project. A team of JS gurus will deliver 101% result thanks to a deep knowledge of frameworks, libraries and Agile methods.

Project management is easy. You are a part of a team and you see the role of every team player and their contributions. Easy communication and ontime fulfilment of milestones. You get an excellent outsourcing experience with Codemotion.