Hire a remote developer: pros and cons

No limits in location and time to look for a real professional developer or a whole remote team. What can be better than having dozens of the best candidates ready to work on your project and give you all the value they can commit? How can you plan the work of your remote team and what are real problems that you can face during the process?

Excitement about developing a new application can easily go down when you face the need to find the right people for the project. Where to find them and how to start cooperation? How can you be sure that companies that hire remote developers get real benefits? Take a look at the pros and cons of hiring remote developers and start the process right away.

Hiring web developer: remote vs in-house

Why do companies organize in-house teams? You organize the development process, you spend months to start working on a new project and you have a lot of expenses related to taxes, office maintenance and staff education. What benefits do you get? You get consistency and predictable results.

What are the drawbacks? It’s really hard to find professional developers locally, especially if you have a limited budget. If you do find a great team, you will definitely need to make their salaries grow. Otherwise, the team members will move to another company. Can cooperation with a remote developer be a much better experience? It can. Scroll down to find out more.

Hiring a freelance web developer

A freelancer is a person that doesn’t usually work full-time. It means that you define the goals, the budget and the milestones. And you stick to this roadmap. Where can you find a reliable freelancer? Take a look at such websites as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelance.com and other similar websites. You will find lots of profiles with portfolios and without them.

You will notice a great difference in pricing. The same level of proficiency but a different location may surprise you with the rates. You may see a great developer at $10 per hour and at $100 per hour. The rate doesn’t always indicate the success of the project. So compare the proficiency first and not the rates.


  • There’s a high risk to fail the project when cooperating with a freelancer;
  • The difference in time zones and location can lead to problems with communication;
  • A freelancer may be unmotivated to deal with your tasks, so you will have to check the process of work.


  • If you hire the right person, you will get a highly motivated professional developer;
  • You will probably pay less money for work depending on the proficiency and location;
  • You pay only for completed work;
  • You don’t care about taxes or other expenses.

Hiring a remote development team

Dealing with a team of developers may be as hard as easy at the same time. A team has its own working pace and some approaches to completing the task. It’s good to have a video call to discuss the values of the team and compare them to the ones in your company. If they coincide, you’re on the right way.

One more thing here is using Agile for work. If the team uses it, you will get great benefits from cooperating with such a company. If you need a complex application or something more than a one-screen app, working with a team will make your life easier as you don’t have to supervise the whole process.


  • If you hire a local team, you can pay twice more for work than or an in-house team;
  • If you choose a remote software developer from abroad, the cost will be much lower;
  • It’s not always possible to check the proficiency of each team member;
  • There might be a few people that don’t bring enough value to the project.


  • The remote developers jump into your project right away;
  • You plan your work and you just get everything on time;
  • Get into one boat with the Agile and feel yourself a part of a new team;
  • If you hire the right team, you will get a smooth workflow and fast work;
  • This will let you jump into the required market niche with your project as soon as possible. And this is a valuable business benefit.

How to get the most from freelance web development?

When you have a wide choice of options, it may be complicated to make the right choice. Let’s think about the ways to get the most from hiring remote developers. We’ll discuss cost, proficiency and the ease of communication.


If you google software developer remote jobs and take a look at freelancing sites, you will see that an hourly rate will vary from $2 to $250 per hour of work. And here we mean the work of one single person. A low rate doesn’t always mean that your project will fail. In some cases, you may meet a newbie in programming.


Use tests to check the skills of a remote developer. Check the portfolio, ask about the problems that the candidate had and how they were solved. It’s good to have a video call with the right candidate or a few of them to make sure you can delegate the task to that person.


A key to success is the ease of communication. Define how you are going to get in touch and how often you will discuss the project. A freelance developer doesn’t have to stay online just for you to stay calm. Consider the difference in culture and time zones as well.

Freelance coding

Have you ever worked with a remote coder? If this is your first time, you may feel insecure about the start of your cooperation. We recommend to take a look at your competitors and if they post remote software developer jobs on freelancing sites. You can use their experience and avoid the mistakes they made in the past.

Check the proficiency and discuss the future process of work with every candidate. Don’t try to find the lowest rates and don’ fully rely on candidates with the highest ones. Check everything before you start work and always consider a risk to lose any means of communication for some time or any other issues that may postpone delivery of your app.

Hire a web developer at Codemotion

High proficiency and great value for money are what you get when hiring web developers at Codemotion. We’re a team from Ukraine that has gained a solid reputation on Upwork since the first days of registration. We have our clients around the globe that are fully satisfied with the results of our cooperation.

You can hire a pro remote front-end developer or the back-end one, or we can organize the work of the team for complex projects. Give us your vision of what you want to achieve and we’ll give you a few variants of how we can help you. We don’t just use symbols to draw lines of coding. We aim at achieving your business goals with the means that we’re the best at.

Codemotion is a remote development team from Ukraine. We’re focused on developing JavaScript applications and we deliver the best solutions for your business needs. We use Agile for the best results and we always care about relationships with the clients. What we get as a result is a great result delivered within the deadline. We are JavaScript ninjas that always accomplish the mission.