How To Hire A Great Project Manager

The right supervision of a team and the whole project that people work on is a success for the whole company. You will not notice that there’s someone controlling the processes until that person is missing. Each day without a PM makes you rush and do your best to find someone for this position. How can you employ a good PM?

The key advantages of hiring a project manager

The first advantage of taking this step is remaining calm when you have problems. If you have a person who knows what to do and how to behave when there’s a crisis, you can relieve the whole team from stress. The problems seem to be not so huge.

One more advantage is having a leader in a team. There will be someone that will make a final decision and who will be able to organize a good atmosphere in a team. This person will also spread the tasks and plan them to meet the deadlines. A perfect case is hiring the person that can inspire the team.

And the third advantage of having a PM is the presence of a real fan of the job. PMs love their tasks and they complete them with passion. If you see the applicants that are not interested in the position or the tasks that they need to complete, you shouldn’t consider them to be a part of your team.

How to employ an effective project manager?

The first thing that we want to highlight here is to define what you expect from the individual that will accept the offer. How do you see the role of PM in your company? Have you ever worked with PMs? Was your experience successful or not? Draw a picture in mind with the key daily routine that this person will deal with.

The next step will be thinking of what you can offer for the applicants, so they will pick up your company. How do you benefit among the companies with similar jobs? What are your strong sides? How do you plan to organize the workflow? There are a lot of things to ask yourself. Think what kind of person you wish to see and how you can attract them.

Where can you find the candidates?

Do you think about posting free job ads on different thematic websites? You will get a lot of headaches this way. You will face a big number of unqualified people that would like to take the position and test their luck. It’s much better to share the ad with your contact list, ask for referrals and visit thematic events. You can have short talks with good managers at the meetings and offer them a valuable role in your team.

How to check the skills?

It’s obvious to say that a good manager can be a great leader. This individual will become the key role in your team that will motivate and inspire everyone to work better and be more productive. An easy way to check it is to ask how the candidates would inform the team about some unpleasant news.

One more skill to check is technical expertise. It’s good not to overdo with this as a manager doesn’t have to have the same level of knowledge as an engineer. But they should be aware of the essential facts that influence the decision-making process.

And one more skill is love for the tasks PMs deal with. If a candidate is passionate about the completed tasks in the past and you see it during the interview, you will probably have the same with your tasks. It’s good to have a passionate PM that is highly motivated to reach success. This person will easily inspire the team and help you reach all the goals.

Outsourcing or in-house project manager?

As an outsourcing development team, we consider hiring a remote PM a good option. You are not limited to the candidates that you find locally and you can save the budget by hiring people from abroad. Here at Codemotion, we have gained a lot of practical experience in managing various projects. We deliver 101% results as we value our reputation.