How to Hire a Top-Rated Coder

You get a lot of benefits if you hire a web application developer that will work as a freelancer. One of them is saving your budget. How can you find the right candidate for your project? Scroll down to see the answer.

Know the basic before you find the coder

If you know some basics of the application development, you can go to the next section of this article. There are two categories of the web development:

  • Front-end development. It’s what your clients see and interact with;
  • Back-end development. It’s all behind the scenes, your clients don’t see it actually.

The type of the code you want to find will depend on the purposes you have and what frameworks you are planning to use to reach them. There’s no single advice on how to find the best candidate for you, but there are a few things that you can do to make this process fast and easy.

Make a project scope

If you have everything organized well, you won’t have any problems with the freelancers. And if you have at least few things that are not clear to you or for the freelancer, you may have some troubles with the deadlines. Define your budget, write a detailed description of your project, its length and how you plan to pay for it. Give freelancer a clear and precise understanding what kind of project you want them to work on and how much you will pay for it. And you will end up with the right candidates for the position of the coder.

Write a detailed job description

Try to make your text attractive for the coders by providing details about your project. Coders always have a choice and they will pick up the ones which they think are easy to cope with. Or they will choose you if you offer a complicated task for a good price. Include the information about the skills you want the candidates to have. It’s good to make a list of them including all the technical aspects.

Choose the best candidates

You have the job description ready and you have some candidates that have applied for the position. It’s time to choose the ones that will fit your project. Here are the things to check:

  • Portfolio. You will see the past projects and evaluate the skills of the candidate.
  • Background check. You can simply google the name of the coder and see some facts from their life.
  • A test. You can give even the simplest coding test that will look like “Hello World” to check if the candidates know how to code.

Conduct an interview

Make up a list of questions about the past projects, some challenges or problems that the candidates had to solve. You should find out the information about the skills and some personal traits that will let the person fit into your project workflow with ease. You can start from general questions to the specific ones.

Give a test task

Give one task to all the candidates to evaluate their skills and knowledge. It can be anything that is somehow related to your project. You will see how the candidate will cope with the deadline and if this person is a good fit for you. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will simply pay them for their trouble and you will save your project from the wrong team member. And you will easily see that one or few candidates meet your requirements and you can hire them to work on your project.

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