How to make an app cheap and fast?

Technology development is at a high speed. If you want to enter a new niche or make a breakthrough in the market, precise and fast actions will help you succeed. What about software development? How much time and money do you need for building a completely new application? What are the fastest and the cheapest ways to do it?

Time means a lot when you have an idea and you need to dive into the world of quick app development in a matter of seconds. You can build a nice application within 48 hours using special tools. And you don’t have to a super qualified developer for doing this. You take a tool, use it and give birth to a new project.

Seems to good to be true? Should you refuse traditional development? Each way has its own pros and cons. Scroll down to see which one will be the best choice for building a new application.

Application builders

Free and paid builders serve to make application development fast and easy. You take it, you read what you can do with it and you implement your ideas with it. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to make an app, use free app builders. Using paid builders cost definitely less than hiring qualified developers.


A great advantage of using a mobile web app builder is a short period of time and a low price. What you spend is a few hours or days of your time and a little sum of money. What you get as a result is a simple application.


What are the disadvantages or the cons of using app builders? Let’s take a look at the major ones:

  • You cannot maintain the software yourself, you will contact the support team of the app builder. It will take time and, therefore, you may have a sales decrease.
  • You cannot scale the application for a bigger number of users or for more functionality.
  • It’s hard to sell the project if it cannot be scaled anyhow.
  • The word “cheapest” can turn into “that’s so expensive” if you use a paid builder and pay for the maintenance of your app.

How to choose a cheap app builder?

You have an idea and you know what you want to get at the end of your work. Before you pick up a cheap mobile app builder, answer a few questions:

  • What kind of qualification should you gain to use the builder?
  • How will you proceed payments inside your new application?
  • Where will you store the data?
  • How much time do you have for developing?
  • How do you plan to maintain the program?
  • Will your app be cross-platform? Only web? Only mobile?

Here are a few popular tools to create your own web app:

  • PrestaShop – Mobile builder
  • Urban Airship – Cross Platform mobile builder
  • PhoneGap – Cross Platform builder
  • Canvas – Mobile builder
  • Knack – Mobile builder with database

Custom App Development

Efficiency is the key to success. What do you get with a custom mobile app development? You hire qualified developers, you spend money and time. What’s the final result? You have the very app that meets all the requirements and expectations from your side. It can be a fully interactive single page web program or a standalone cross-platform mobile app.


A custom mobile app development company can be located in any country or region. You provide your views, goals and other essential information and you become a part of a new remote team with an agile. The release is stable and scalable if you need it. Here’s a short list of the core pros of custom web app development:

  • Unlimited functionality. Qualified developers use available technologies to implement your ideas in the app.
  • Scalability. It’s the greatest business benefit as you can offer using your app to a greater number of customers.
  • Secure data storage. You may feel safe about the user data as you fully control the data exchange process.
  • Easy to maintain. You can fix bugs and improve the functionality with no pain.


If you need to create a web app as soon as possible, you will have to wait. Time is definitely not the thing that you can save here. The cost of the development is much higher if we compare it with the cost of the builders.

Fast & cheap || long & expensive

There’s no universal solution for everyone that will give you only benefits and no spendings at all. Think of the process of building a new app and whether you can cope with it alone. Consider your app to be alive in a month, a year or even five years. How will you maintain it?

It’s good to start using builders if you cannot afford custom app development cost. But don’t limit yourself. You may want to hire a remote team to turn your self-made app into a big interactive program in some time.

We’ll give you short guides on what to do if you need a limited time period or a limited budget.

No time

If you cannot wait a few weeks or months for a custom app development to be completed, use app builders. You can do it yourself or find more people that will help you shorten the time period. One more option is making a deal with a remote development team that you can come to them and ask to create web application asap.

No money

A limited budget doesn’t mean building a poor or dull application. Take any app builder from the list above or simply google “how to make a free app for my website?”. Don’t waste a second and create a new program. If you have a super great idea and you realize that you cannot implement it alone, examine custom mobile app development pricing options. You may want to get someone just for a few hours to help you add more functionality to the new or existing app.

Efficiency made real

How to create a web application without knowing how to code? What about completing the task for the lowest price and within the shortest time period? Here at Codemotion, we value every second spent on a new project. A custom mobile apps development will make you find money and time but the end result will provide you with unbeatable business benefits.

There’s no more need to make a choice between saving money and developing a stable interactive application. We deliver effective solutions that fully respond to your primary goals and expectations. Efficient application development is real and it’s right here by your side.