What makes a great team leader?

A team leader knows the mission and the goals of the company to help every team player participate in reaching them. A leader will develop effective communication in a team as well as a good motivation to perform tasks on a high level.

A good team leader characteristics

How can you see that you have hired a great team leader? Here are some key factors.

A positive approach

A great team leader will see opportunities in any difficulties that the company comes up across. There are no claims about the situation and you will get a few variants of ways out instead in case of any serious problems.


A good leader is a person who constantly works on self-improvement. This role means getting some new information about the trends and technologies to use all of this for developing projects with high efficiency. This person will have more respect from the team members.


A good team leader should be good at planning the tasks. There should be also a few variants of actions if any team member fails to complete the task on time and evaluate the reasons for it. A leader should define the right priority for a whole set of tasks to prevent any deadline failures as it may lead to money and reputation loss for the company.

How to be a better team leader?

There are nothing and no one perfect in this world. But it’s not the reason for staying where you are and not improving your professional skills. Here are a few tips on how to become a better team leader.

Stay sincere

You should express your thoughts and ideas in a clear manner. You shouldn’t have people that you like more and you forgive them some trifles. There shouldn’t be any preferences on who will do a dull or uninteresting task. If you feel that you cannot assign the tasks to every team member in the same way, you should think about how you can solve this problem.

Show your example

It’s much better to show how to do something than tell the team how to do this. You are the inspiration point and people follow you. If you work hard and you show great results, you will get a hard-working team as a result. Of course, you should also manage their workload in the right way.

Deal with undesirable tasks

There’s always something that you will hate doing. You will show your team a good example of dealing with the things you hate doing or you dream to never work with. If you delegate this task to someone else every time you face it, it will not make you any good.

Make complicated decisions

You don’t hire or fire anyone in the team but you have the right to give recommendations or organize talks with the staff. You may take part in the interviews or inform your team players about the decision of a CEO to fire them. It’s a super great quality to be able to express any negative news to the team.

Stick to the local laws

If you have someone missing in the office because of sick leave or FMLA-approved leave, you cannot blame that person. And you shouldn’t give some dull or bad tasks to organize a kind of punishment for people who had to be out of the office for a long time. It’s illegal to blame people for their leaves.

Stay on the bright side

You are a source of inspiration and motivation for the team. If you are happy and smiling, you will surely create a positive and friendly atmosphere in the office. You don’t even have to be present there as you can add more positiveness from a remote position as well.

The best qualities for team leader

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