Mobile development trends 2019

The number of mobile phone users is over 5 billion people and make it extremely important to consider mobile development trends when developing your app. If a business ignores this figure, there’s a high risk to lose profit in the nearest few years. What can you get from reaching your customers through mobile phones? Can you make them buy your goods or services? Of course, you can.

Statista predicts the income from mobile apps to be over $190 billion by 2020. You gain loyalty, you deliver the right message and you get your profit. Let’s take a close look at the trends in the mobile development world in 2019.

Accelerated mobile pages

If a user has to wait, you will lose. You can take Facebook Instant Articles as a guide to follow. There are already successful examples that you can find online. Listings of AMP were added to the Google search and then you can see that they are successfully integrated. So all you need is HTML and a little time for coding.

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning is on a high new level and you can quickly dive into the world of artificial intelligence. You can start with using voice commands to make software do something for the users or chatbots for communicating with the clients. You can create a new virtual assistant that will solve the needs of the clients.

Internet of things

You are not limited to the use of mobile phones, so making an app available on any smart device is a good choice. In most of the cases, you will deal with smartwatches. What we have now is a great popularity of this approach in the health and fitness niches, But we know that Uber and Zomato are going to invest big sums into developing software for smart devices.

Augmented reality

Can you remember the popularity of Pokemon Go? This is a good example of augmented reality. You give your clients a new experience and the possibility to connect virtual and physical reality. We predict to see more and more apps with the augmented reality by 2020.

Mobile payments

Users want to have everything simple. If they need to make one tap to make a payment, this will be perfect. Think of Amazon Pay or Google Wallet as good examples to follow. Or you can use these payments methods inside your apps of you sell some goods or services. They are good for one-time purchases and subscriptions.

Cloud integration

There’s no more need to keep all the data on a mobile device. If your app can integrate with a cloud storage or you can offer such a service for your clients, you will gain more points than your competitors. And you can use cloud solutions for developing software as it gives you more freedom and reduces the costs for building a new project.

No download

It’s good if you don’t have to download an app, find some free space on the device and download the app again if the device is changed. If you make the time from seeing the app to the beginning of its use, you will also gain more points. Users will wait less next year, so it’s good to benefit from it.

Security and safety

If you prove that you can save the user data and no third parties can ever access it, you will gain more loyalty and trust. Cybersecurity is a problem that people are worried about. We all know that there was news from Google and Facebook about some lapses in the security issues. So there’s a sense to invest in the safety of the data.

On-demand apps

Users need apps to work fast and they want you to provide the services right after they think about you. If you can offer any services that are on demand and you don’t have a mobile app, think about it. Once someone wants to eat a pizza or order a taxi, a mobile app should be out there offering the service right here and right now.

Implement mobile application development trends in 2019

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