What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a database platform that was created in 2007 to provide developers with the improved experience of using data and software for crafting new projects. It’s very simple, scalable, dynamic and object-oriented. You get the data shaped into objects that are put into collections. You won’t find traditional rows and columns here. MongoDB provides a new project with automatic scaling and high performance.

MongoDB essentials

This platform is ease to implement as you deal with Binary JSON documents called BSON. It’s cross-platform and you can use it on Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. MongoDB will fit the project if there’s a complex data structure. You won’t have to stick to storing data on one single physical server. The data can be shared between several servers with a firm continuity.

Why use MongoDB?

Using MongoDB provides developers with the set of technology as effective GUI, idiomatic drivers, and a dynamic schema for a flexible data model to build cost-effective applications. Users get a positive experience as they get a quick access to their data thanks to Expressive query language and secondary indexes. Consistency allows reading the latest changes in the database that results in high performance. High throughput, scalability and performance are the key concepts of MongoDB.

What projects is MongoDB good for?

MongoDB can become a powerful solution for:

  • News websites (Business Insider);
  • Travel companies (Expedia, Amadeus);
  • Geospatial analytics (Chicago WindyGrid);
  • Social networks (Facebook);
  • Content websites (Pearson);
  • E-commerce projects (Ebay);
  • Search engines (Google);
  • Online banking (Royal Bank of Scotland).

Hire MongoDB developers

A super useful tool may turn into a useless thing if used the wrong way. MongoDB is a powerful stack of tools that is easy to install and implement. Hiring a pro developer is a tough task but we know how to make this process absolutely painless.

MongoDB development company

Looking for a new in-house person requires time, efforts and costs to make the candidate dive into the workflow of a new company and the stage of app development. Dealing with the freelance development company will reduce time, costs and efforts. You will start working with a well-trained candidate.

Outsource MongoDB development company

Online communication wipes off all the boundaries. The communication between you and the team from the outsource company is almost the same as if you had them in the neighboring room of the office. You get an efficient workflow and value for money. You don’t have to find a free space, equipment and other things for the new members of the team.

Hire MongoDB outsourcing development company

Cooperation starts with discussing ideas, plans, expectations and all important items related to the new project. You express ideas and goals, describe a new app with the maximum detail. You get educated developers, a firm plan of actions with deadlines for milestones and a fixed budget.

MongoDB development in Codemotion company

Codemotion is a team of developers that are the best at planning, designing, developing, scaling and supporting projects based on MongoDB. We have over 450 projects and 10 years of nonstop practical experience in building small and huge applications. We’re a javascript outsourcing company located in Ukraine. We know how to implement MongoDB to meet the requirements of your project and reach the highest performance and scalability.

Codemotion ninjas cooperate with the clients during the entire process of development thanks to the Agile approach. This will let you stay abreast of the development stages and get in touch with a new team as if you have them in your office. Get your project perfectly developed with a high proficiency by MongoDB ninjas.