Why do you need a dedicated team

Hiring a remote team has become popular for the last few years. Dedicated teams work on different types of projects from start to finish. The type of the project can be any from creating a single-page application to the mobile game. What are the real benefits of hiring a dedicated team and why don’t you just find a remote freelancer for your new project?

If you plan to develop a big project and you need one single group of developers to work on it, the best way out is hiring a dedicated IT outsourcing software development company. You will save costs, time and you will get qualified developers that will make the process of development fast and productive. A dedicated team is the one that starts building the app and works on it until the finish line.

A dedicated team is good for:

  • Large scalable projects
  • Time and costs consuming projects
  • Projects with high risks
  • Projects that can require technology shift

What is a dedicated team hiring model?

It becomes more and more popular to hire an outsourcing development company in Ukraine. Different companies hire dedicated teams in this country or even set their own development organizations. How can you organize work with a dedicated team and how does a typical hiring mode look like?

You can meet such models as project outsourcing, a fixed price for the whole project or milestones and so on. There’s one thing that unites everything. A dedicated team works on one single project from its beginning to its end. It’s a perfect variant for long-lasting relationships.

A dedicated development team deals only with one project at a time. There are no other clients for this very group of people. If you have your own development team in your company, a software outsourcing company becomes a part of it. You get new visions, the use of new technology and a new approach to solving tasks.

Software development outsourcing methodology

Working with an offshore outsourcing software development company is much more secure than working with a freelancer. What you get is a guarantee that your project will be done by a group of professional developers. The whole process is time and cost efficient.

You start with creating an idea. Describe how you see it and put the goals you want to reach with it. Choose the right team for your business that will help you reach the goals. Choose the technology that you want to use for creating the app or ask developers to assist you with it.

Managed team extension

An app development outsourcing company can become a part of an already existing team in your company. You can hire two, five or as many developers as you need for building an application. You will need little time from interviewing the candidates to starting work. You control work and you deal with each remote team member as if they are in your office.

You can predict the budget and the expenses that related to it. You can make any updates to the project in a short time. You can also see the progress of the app development at any point. These are real pros for big projects and cons for small ones. Think of the problems you may have during work and how you are going to solve them.

Hire dedicated developers in Ukraine

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