Adorable e-commerce website

Modern e-commerce site selling coffeemakers, coffee and related accessories with high conversion.

Brilliant e-commerce store selling coffeemakers and everything related to a coffee culture. This service is targeted on a local market. Except the the development we were investigating principles of building e-commerce sites for the Ukrainian market, which we were not used to.

Usability & Design
Conceptual Analysis
UI Development
As a matter of fact, main concept of each e-commerce site is to sell good. Firs of all we were focused on understanding of the target audience and it’s demand. The whole site were made according to these analyze. We were really interested in creating modern “selling” UI which make purchases fast and easy.
We used a lot of different technologies over here. In fact, this e-shop has integration to all possible services to easy working with it for customers and admins, as well. Except using standard things, as integrating MailGun to send transactions emails, or eSputnik to mass email spreading we used many other things. For example, to synchronize the store, sells and renews with bookkeepings we integrated 1C. To promote service we also connected it with not only Google Analytics, but with Yandex Metrics as well. Also, products in a store are parsed by different “global stores”, for example as the “Hotline”.

In conclusion, client has a high conversional site, with incredible good admin panel to manage store and user-friendly interface for customers to buy anything they want!

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