Hire PostgreSQL Developers

Building a stable and solid project is impossible without the use of PostgreSQL. What do you get when hiring PostgreSQL developers? The first thing is automation and monitoring. Your development team is focused on their major goals that are project development and its maintenance. Running of PostgreSQL clusters is automated.

One more thing that you get is hosting the database in the cloud if you require it. And you get all the data backed up. You can easily restore the previous version of the database in any case. Here are a few companies that use PostgreSQL:

  • VMware
  • Morph Labs
  • Charterworks
  • Joyent
  • MyYearbook.com
  • Cisco
  • Apple

Hire offshore PostgreSQL developers

There are two ways to deal with the developers. The first way is looking for experts and building a team in your office. It will be an in-house team. Another way is to hire PostgreSQL developer that is located not in your city or even not in your country. Here we mean an offshore development company. Why should you consider this variant? We’ll give you five reasons for that:

#1. You save a lot of operating costs as you don’t have to pay taxes and organize a working place for a developer of a whole team.

#2. You pay less for work. An hourly fee of a US resident and an offshore developer is different. If you plan a long-lasting cooperation, hiring PostgreSQL freelancers is cost-efficient.

#3. You can easily find a real expert in managing a database. You are not limited to the people that live in your location. You can build the team that will help you reach your business goals in the most efficient way.

#4. Follower high availability plans and cloud solutions. You don’t have to buy and use physical drives or machines for storing data. If you face any failure, you will get a failover to another follower on a high availability plan.

#5. Cloud solutions let your database be physically stored on any device in any country of the world. You don’t have to spend big sums of money on purchasing machines for storing the data. You save a lot of costs.

Need help with PostgreSQL?

Once you define that online PostgreSQL database is what your company need for building new projects and maintaining the existing one, it’s high time to find out how you can start using it. Of course, hiring experts is the best way out but you should describe the tasks for new members of your remote team.

What do you need the database to be used for? What kind of information do you want to store and use? You don’t have to be good at using various databases as you can always have a consultation from the company you plan to work with. If you are fine with the way your transactions will be held and the features of high availability, you can start your cooperation.

Hire PostgreSQL developers from Codemotion

Codemotion is an offshore development company that is located in Ukraine. We have a lot of clients around the globe that use the services of our developers. We know everything about various types of database and we can help you with choosing the right one for the project. How do we do that? We need to know your business goals, some technical details of the project and the budget.

How do you benefit hiring PostgreSQL developers from Codemotion? You get one or more experts that have experience in using different types of the database for different types of projects. You get the lowest bug rate and a bunch of consistent features that relate to the use of PostgreSQL. Reaching your business goals is the primary task of Codemotion developers that will use Postgres as their major tool.