Why React Developers and Project Managers Love to use React.js

React.js is a powerful tool that can help make a lightning fast web applications with readable, scalable and easy to debug code for React Developers.

Imagine a lightning fast web application with code which is readable, scalable and incredibly easy to debug while providing the highest speed of client-server communication. Welcome to React.js!

React.js is an open source project maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a huge community of developers. It is used by corporations like eBay, Airbnb, Dropbox, BBC, Netflix and others for a speedy and smooth client side UI experience.

So how does React.js work and why is it so popular with JavaScript Software Developers?

To understand React naturally one would want to compare it to Angular.js or another complete framework but this unfortunately is comparing apples to oranges. At first glance React.js is difficult to understand because it is not a complete framework, but only the view layer.

It uses HTML and JavaScript together in sections called “components” which can do things like store their own internal state of memory to enhance management of which part of the application should be shown.

Here at Codemotion we stick to best practices and because React.js is only the view layer, we use it with Redux to create complex, fully functional and dynamic applications.

React.js is popular for 3 important reasons.
First, React.js by its very nature is very readable and it is easy to understand how your components will render from their source files. It uses an approach well known as “Properties flow down, actions flow up”.
Second, it combines HTML and JavaScript into JSX, which is incredibly comfortable for developers because of the intimate relationship that already exists between HTML and JavaScript. The need to follow the complex relationship between HTML structure and JavaScript functionality is essentially eliminated.
Third, React.js can be rendered extremely fast giving public facing apps or sites the really smooth and fast UI experience everyone loves.

Why Codemotion Recommends Application Development with React.js

Codemotion outsource studio in Ukraine uses the best qualities and characteristics of React.js to bring our clients results you can feel in both the light and fluid code structure and in the user experience.

For example, our client Growler requested a web application with a simple design and a speedy user interface to offer a great user experience for all of it’s users. Codemotion put it’s ninjas on the job and equipped them with React.js for this mission. The result was a clean and lightning fast application that has impressed both Growler and its users.


Codemotion’s software engineers love and recommend React.js application development because of the results it brings to our clients and their users, great applications that our clients and developers are proud of.

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