React.js developers’ salary in different countries

React is a powerful library that is used around the globe. Similar Tech states that there are 326,877 websites that were built with the help of React.js. You’ve probably heard of IMBD, Bing, Yahoo and other websites. The demand for qualified coders is growing and there’s a question about the income of an average coder in different countries.

React.js developer: qualification and experience

These things affect the cost of the services that a coder provides. If you have a very limited budget and you need the software to be developed, your perfect choice will be a remote coder with little experience. Where can a person get any experience? There are different websites where newbies can participate. For example, you may find a lot of contributions from coders around the globe on GitHub.

If the coders have some experience, it’s good to check it not only in theory. Here we mean visiting the websites and navigating through them. It’s good to ask some specific questions about the most interesting projects or the ones that are similar to yours. It will be just perfect to get the feedback from the previous clients of the remote team.

One more thing that also affects the cost. It’s the geographical location. Developers earn different sums of money depending on their residence. If you hire people that will come to your office, you will pay the salary together with all the taxes and insurance. If you hire a remote developer in your region, you will pay only the salary that is actual for your place.

How much a React.js developer can earn?

Let’s talk about real sums of money that coders get for their work. In most of the cases, we mean that we have a standard week with 40 hours of work. You can check Payscale to the hourly fees for different skills levels and types of work for React.js technology:

  • Software Developer – $73,328
  • Front End Developer / Engineer – $77,282
  • Software Engineer – $91,398
  • Senior Software Engineer – $124,319

What about other countries besides the USA? Here are the sample salaries for other regions:

  • Ukraine – $19,000
  • Netherlands – $51,488
  • Sweden – $53,469
  • Australia – $53,721
  • Germany – $57,345
  • UK – $59,268
  • Denmark – $70,082
  • Israel – $70,290
  • Norway – $70,776
  • Switzerland – $85,709

As you see, the sums vary and you can plan the budget if you employ coders from outside the US. Cost and time efficiency are the major reasons for choosing outsourcing companies around the world. You are not limited to local regions and you can hire the best experts to get real profit from developing a new project.

How much do Codemotion developers earn?

Codemotion is a super great company with qualified and certified team players on the board. We’re good at React.js and we know how to build a reliable and interactive application with its help. The hourly rate of developers varies from Junior to Senior positions. We can negotiate the budget for hiring a professional coder that will fit the budget.

What you get from working with Codemotion is a 101% result, in-time delivery, and easy communication. We use Agile methodology for building software products, so efficiency and flexibility are what we’re the best at. We know how to use React.js to help you reach your business goals.