TOP 10 reasons why mobile apps fail

The number of available applications on the Google Play Store was 3,600,000 in March 2018. What is the percentage of successful applications that have gained positive feedback and customers’ loyalty? It’s less than 1%. What’s the reason for such statistics? Are there any ways to prevent a total failure of the software that you want to develop?

10 reasons why mobile apps fail

We’ve made a little investigation about the key factors and we’re sharing them with you. Scroll down to see them.

Wrong strategy

Reason #1. No value for users. What do users get from using your mobile apps? Why should they spend their time viewing the app content?

Reason #2. Poor project strategy. You get in touch with the clients via the app. No plan leads to confusing scenarios and ruining the clients’ loyalty as a result. What’s the key message of the app?

Reason #3. No marketing strategy. A lot of people focus on building an app and do nothing after publishing it in the marketplaces. How can people use your super great app if you do nothing to let them even notice it?

Wrong coding

Reason #4. Wrong platform choice. Choosing one platform means limiting the number of users. Choosing a wrong platform means dismissing user expectations and needs. There are a lot of technologies that will let you build cross-platform apps.

Reason #5. No testing, poor QA. You add an app to the marketplaces, happy users download it right away and they see bugs. You will get negative feedback right away. Even if you fix the bugs, the reputation is already spoiled.

Reason #6. Breaking the rules of marketplaces. All of them have their own rules for the software that you want to publish there. Not following the rules may lead to removing the app forever. What can be worse than that?

Wrong user experience

Reason #7. Too complicated design. When users launch the app and they need to do a puzzle to start using it, you will lose a big number of users only for this reason. Adding too many blocks is similar to adding too much salt and flavouring to a meal.

Reason #8. Poor customer support service. If users ask questions or create new tickets that get lost somewhere in the Space, they will simply stop using the app. And you will get negative reviews that will affect your reputation.

Wrong estimations

Reason #9. Wrong budget allocation. Mobile app building may cost dozens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you have a big sum at the beginning of your way, there’s a temptation to spend more than you have planned. And you end up with no money and with no reliable app.

Reason #10. Dismissing competitors. The goal of any business is making money. How will you stand out among your competitors if you ignore them? Users don’t care who stands behind a good app. The absence of competitive advantages and benefits will lead to failure.

How to fix mobile apps?

What should you do if you have already failed? What to do to minimize the risks of failure at the stage of building the business strategy? Codemotion team believes that nothing is impossible with the right strategy and a precise plan of actions. We’re here to save your project at the stage of its planning, coding or after the release.

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