Top 6 Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

The goal of any business is profit that you gain when selling goods or services. A prosperous business is the one that provides people with the things that make their lives easier and better. It means that the software you produce should meet these two requirements. 2019 will not become an exception in this matter and we will see what to take care of when building a new mobile app to be published this year. Here are some featured mobile app development trends for 2019:

#1. Beacon

It’s a leading trend of 2018 and it will remain to stay at the top position in 2019. Your users are passing by your cafe or office, it’s time to remind them about a cup of coffee or a new discount that you can offer. This is a great way to communicate with your customers and give them valuable information at the right time. It can be a simple message or a whole virtual guide out there. Analyze the reaction to your communication attempts and start gaining profit from using the beacons technology.

#2. Smart devices

One more time, communication with people matters. You can do it through the watches or bracelets that count the heart rate. You are not limited to these devices. But easy access to your app through a watch when using a phone is impossible is the right thing in 2019. You can become a part of a smart home system or any device that is not called a mobile phone but is connected to it.

#3. Services on demand

If you are a taxi driver, you provide cleaning services or anything else that is on demand, you should try developing software for a mobile device. Imagine your customer being busy with work and suddenly they remember that today they will have some guests at home. It’s dirty and there’s nothing to eat. It’s high time to order a taxi through the app, order some food and the cleaning service in just a few taps.

#4. Blockchain

There were a lot of discussions about the future of blockchain. There are some specific pros and cons of integrating it into your project. If you develop a payment system that is supposed to be used by billions of people, you will require too much space to keep all the data logged. The period of time that is needed for logging data will become longer with each new user and this may lead to long-time transactions.

#5. Machine learning

If you have never heard about artificial intelligence, you are not from this planet. This is the trend of 2018 and it will remain popular in the next few years. AI lets the companies reduce costs by integrating AI into the production process. If you offer the solutions that will replace the human factor and offer unlimited workload, you will bring value and gain profit. In simple words, you replace people with machines that don’t ever get tired.

#6. 5G and the speed of light

We need it to be faster, faster and much faster! All users want any app to load at a speed of light. 5G technology will give you a great opportunity to offer customers heavy software that will take a moment to load. The software that requires some minutes for loading will take seconds in 2019. Of course, here we have a lot of limitations. The first is choosing the right region. We won’t have 5G available throughout the whole globe, so you should mind this fact. And we think you know that not all the devices support 5G technology.

New trends in mobile app development

It’s good to know everything about the trends. But how are you going to integrate them into the existing software or build a new app in 2019? All you need is a good team that has enough experience and knowledge base for developing new products that will meet all the users’ expectations and requirements in 2019.

Codemotion is a team of certified developers that learn the trends and follow them when building the software for our clients. We deliver 101% result that will let you solve your business needs.