What are UI/UX trends for the 2019 year?

One of the leading UI/UX trends in 2018 was placing the design of the apps in the first place. The visual attractiveness plays a great role in gaining users’ loyalty. What about 2019? We care about the visual look of the product but we add extra functionality to it. What do we mean here?

Smooth and fast app load that will work on any device. We also take UI trends of 2018 like no-edge approach for the mobile app design and use them in 2019. Scroll down to see UI/UX trends of 2019.

#1. Tell a story

The goal of the storytelling is to make site visitors or app users become engaged. What’s new about storytelling in 2019? A crucial role is devoted to visuals and the way the whole picture is perceived. A high-quality copy should be emotionally colored with animation, photos or pictures.

#2. Animation

Here we mean the very elements that users interact with. One of the predictions for the 2019 year is the use of hand-drawn or custom visuals that create a warm and friendly atmosphere. There are no strict forms but unaligned design. A complex motion will attract attention and create a positive user experience. Of course, if there are no other distracting elements on the page.

#3. Gradients and structure

This is the trend of 2018 and it will remain in the top position among other UI/UX trends. Bold colors, more transparency and various attempts to mix them. The goal is to create a realistic effect of the picture on the screen. You can play with the size of the text but not with the colors. Your page may be monochrome with a few elements but with an oversized text in the key page blocks.

#4. Artificial intelligence

We predict that the use of voice instead of typing something will become popular in 2019. Communication between you and your customers should definitely go onto a new level. And we have all the means for it thanks to the improved machine learning. You can make voice communication or create a chatbot that will solve people’s needs.

#5. Virtual reality

The internet of experience is the top trend that every business owner should try. This is a good solution for any kind of educational activities or for treating patients from various diseases. In simple words, this technology is good for any product where the interaction with users is important.

#6. Augmented reality

Imagine holding your device, watching on the screen while it’s becoming a part of your environment. It’s all about physical interaction beyond the screen. You can try on a dress while looking into a smart mirror or you can choose the color of a new chair for your living room. And you will see everything as if it was a reality. There are two platforms delivered by Google and Apple that are called ARCode and AEKit.

#7. 3D

This trend is more about the use of faux 3D elements rather than creating real 3s blocks on the page. Real blocks will make the page load slower and it’s no good. The top trend will be adding shadows, light, color gradients and other elements that will create an effect of a 3D shape.

Follow the UI/UX trends with Codemotion

The user interface is closely integrated with the user experience. We need to have a nice-looking picture on the screen and a smooth flow of navigation through the app. We analyze the trends of each year and know what users expect to see on the screens of their devices. We’re not limited to developing the design for mobile devices only.

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