UX and UI Design essentials: it’s time to see the difference

You have definitely seen UI/UX abbreviation before and you have probably had experience in hiring these designers. But what’s the real distinction amid these two roles? We all see that they mean a kind of interaction with the users but there are a lot of people wondering about the distinction between these two issues. We often see these two abbreviations used together.

We say experience when we mean how the software is working and all about its behavior. We say interface when we mean the way the app looks like. It’s the picture of the screen in front of you. These issues are essential for any app development process. Behavior and display are the key elements to the successful release of the product.

What is a UI/UX designer role?

A designer focuses on doing research to understand the behavior of people to give them what they want to feel and see. If there’s no good research, the success of the software is under risk. A qualified engineer deals with everything related to user interaction and navigation through the app.

When you think of developing a new application and you have discussed each screen many times, using the app and navigating through the screens seems easy and fluent. The task of the UX developer is to determine if it’s the same for new users. How do they feel about launching and using the software for the first time?

Good user experience may raise the conversion rate if you had problems with it by simplifying the checkout route. If people come to you and they have to think about what to do next, you have a high risk to lose customers. UX engineers aim at making people do what you want from them.

Why do you need two designers?

Let’s take a look at the role of interface developers and how they contrast to the UX experts. This person knows how the app should look like and creates an attractive mockup in Photoshop. The next step is turning it into the code that will be rendered by the browsers. The major task is to make sure each pixel of the page looks perfect on any device.

UI is all about the look and displays while UX is all about behavior and flow. Can we separate them? We think that UI is a part of the UX and we cannot talk about each issue separately. You will never have an effective app if you have a super great UI with a poor UX and vice versa.

UI and UX. What’s the real distinction?

An interface will help you transfer the strong sides of your business and show how you look like. You can use it to show how your products look like and reach out to your customers via various page elements.

Experience gives you a chance to make interaction with your customers high-quality and advanced. You know what to expect from your customers before you publish the software. You can predict their behavior and feelings about the new product.

While the distinction is clear and precise, we can add one thing here. There’s a trend to unite the roles of two experts into one. And we have a universal expert that will have a wide range of knowledge and experience. It’s time and cost efficient to hire such a person for small projects where you don’t overload them with a big number of tasks.

Develop a good UI/UX with Codemotion

Creating a good and solid user interface is not only about drawing nice-looking mockups in Photoshop. Users have various devices and they will get a different picture on each of them. We know how to make each page element look perfect. And we know how each element should reach out customers the right way.

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