Web development cost. What is included in the price?

Most of your clients will assess your work through a website. That’s why investing in a web project should be wise and reasonable. You may hear different sums for building a web app for your company but you should clearly see what’s included in the price. We’ll guide you through the issues that make the tariff of the services.

How much does web development cost?

Here are just approximate figures for building a web app:

  • Small business website – $2,000 – $10,000
  • Medium-sized business website – $8,000 – $25,000
  • Big business project – $20,000 – $80,000
  • Ecommerce app – $2,000 – $80,000

What’s included into the web development cost?

The price for one and the same application may vary depending on what kind of team you want to hire. If it’s an in-house team, you will need to add operating costs. And if you deal with an offshore team, you will greatly reduce the estimate of a mobile web app. In all the cases, you will have the same set of things that make the final price.


You can have a simple blog or it may be a single-page application. The choice leans on the value you want to provide for the site visitors. User experience should be at the highest level if you want to get profit from running an app. This stage comprises the choice of frameworks, site blocks and pages, the way it reacts to the users’ actions and so on.


This is the routine that you delegate to the coders. You will probably pay hourly fees for their work. The number of hours depends on the design of the software and the framework you plan to use. And the choice of the JS tools together with the complexity of the project impact the hourly fee you will need to pay.


Building any kind of software requires this stage even if everything seems perfect. Your business success leans on the errors that can appear right after the first visitors launch the app. In most of the cases, the web application development cost at this stage will be an hourly fee for work.


The cost of the maintenance is lower than the cost of bug fixing. Can you imagine huge projects down for at least 5 minutes? Consider Facebook or eBay be unavailable for some time. There are different ways to pay for the maintenance of the product. It can be a fixed monthly fee that you will pay no matter if the site has any problems or not. You can hire the same people for this or find a company that will support your app after it’s ready.

Full stack web development cost

What can reduce the estimate? If you hire one single team for working on your project, you will definitely save money and time. Full stack development comprises the front-end and the back-end technology used for creating a high-quality product. You can call it a low-cost outsourcing web development.

Web development by a Codemotion team

The cost of web application development will not blow up your budget if you hire an outsourcing team. Codemotion is a company with years of experience and with each team member having lots of experience in building software. We can determine the price and describe you all the stages of the web building process after you tell us about the idea and your business goals.

You can hire one coder or create a team that will help you reach all the business goals by building a reliable web application. We deliver 101% result to keep our reputation at the highest level. You will get the best value for money with the Codemotion team.