Web development trends 2019

Time is passing by and the things that were in demand a year ago will not bring you the same profit. Following the latest web development trends and even predicting them for 2019 will give you a great benefit among competitors. There are millions of various websites and only a few of them will become the top visited resources.

We’ve prepared a short guide to the trends of 2019 related to the web development world.

Longreads & multimedia

If you want to tell a story to your site visitors, writing a long text with a few pictures inside of it, it won’t be enough. The use of a big number of visuals is the thing you should focus on for the longreads. The goal is to make the story easy to perceive even if users scroll the page at fast speed.


Use images wherever you can without any distracting elements. You can fill the screen with a picture and write only one phrase or leave only one button to push. Visuals play a great role in building loyalty to your company and your brand. There should be a few details that will form a unique look.


You will fail if you don’t adapt your website for mobile devices. That’s the worst mistake that the app developer can make in 2019. More and more people stop using computers outside of work. Your web app should be easy to adopt and easy to scale. Here we also should focus on the minimal number of details not to distract users from the key elements of a web page.


There are only a few users that love going from one page of the website to another. The trend is simplifying everything that is possible to make easy as a pie. Make the navigation within one page and analyze the behaviour of the site visitors. If you sell goods, the route of the customer should be short and consist of the minimum set of actions.


This topic will remain trendy in 2019. If you plan to develop your own cryptocurrency, take care about the PR campaign that is a key to success. Cryptocurrency is based on the use of blockchain technology.

JS & PHP 7

JavaScript and a great number of its frameworks are the top of the trends in programming. The same we can say about PHP 7. Over 80% of websites use these technologies to make their products interactive and provide the users with a good experience.


Have you heard about progressive web applications? They are based on CSS, HTML and JavaScript. The goal of such apps is to make the user experience easy and build loyalty. How does it differ from other apps? You can view it on any type of device. User experience is the thing you should care about. Users don’t have to install the app or update it manually.

What’s more?

Try using push notifications if you have never done this before. This is the fastest way to inform your customers about updates, new messages or anything else that is important for people. The same is about chatbots. If you haven’t used them before, try to do this to evaluate the communication between you and your customers.

Flexibility, scalability and a good communication with people are the three major issues that should be present in 2019. You can copy successful cases of other projects or you can opt to craft something unique. You have your goals that should contain profit and you will use the web development trends to reach your goals.

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