CTO as a Service

Need technical ruler in your project?
Codemotion will do it!

CTO as a Service

What`s CTO as a Service

Our CTO as a Service can extend your permanent activities or augment existing staff to optimize your IT strategy, fulfill and implement your vision and ensure you are able to get things right on the first try.

We have created a new approach for businesses to implement project management and product thinking into their working process. Our CTO as a Service is based on our passion for business and technology to find the right solution between a business vision and the technical decisions.

Why you need it

CTO position is essential to the company growth. He ensures that your IT strategy aligns with a general vision and your business goals and all technology systems are managed and operating well.

You need CTO as a service when you want to empower your business, but can`t hire this as a full-time role:

    • Your business is unable to afford this overhead
    • You can`t keep a person in this position engaged long enough due to various reasons

How we do it

  • We dedicate one or couple of our team leads with appropriate skills
  • Study goals, needs, budget, possible opportunities, vision
  • Find appropriate technical solutions
  • Prepare development roadmap
  • Ensure delivery, quality, and budget
  • Support and scale project

Results you get

Business performance growth

Reduced operational risks and enhanced risk mitigation strategy

Support in delivery and managing of technology initiatives

Efficient Project management and tech consultancy

Oversee the implementation of your business goals and ensure you`ll get your ROI