End to End Development

Need to launch your project from scratch?
Codemotion can help you

End to End Development

What`s End to End Development

Our End to End Development provides a full circle of IT services for a custom software development. You just come with your business idea and we will arrange all the rest, keeping you aware with all process updates until you get the demo.

Why you need it

  • You feel that most off-the-shelf solutions can`t meet your business needs
  • You need a custom application to expand your business performance, but you don`t have enough expertise in-house
  • Web and mobile development is not the core of your business and you`d like to concentrate on things related to your key processes and relevant to your business experience

How we do it

The project does not end once your MVP has been launched. We take care of your project by continuously testing and improving it as your business needs and requirements change.

  1. Initial call – we discuss your idea or spec, get inputs and answer questions
  2. 1st estimation – we create a team of developers, QA, PM and mentor, and our team prepares an approximate budget
  3. Launch estimation – we provide the final budget, learn the gaps and prepare project plan including risk mitigation
  4. Meet the team – we arrange a meeting with your project team where you can synchronize your expectations and decide how involved you want to be
  5. Development – we use Agile methodology with 2-weeks sprints where you can see the deliverables and make changes if any. We prioritize tasks on daily updates according to your inputs and team`s feedback to make the process flexible to your needs and advise you to release MVP in the shortest terms
  6. Launch – we make a final testing of the product and make in-time and smooth MVP delivery
  7. Support – we take care of your product and help it to grow fast with the continuous development of new features and updates based on your real customers` feedback

Results you get

Easy communication - one point of contact for your app or web development

Time-saving process - you sign an agreement with one client and don`t need to deal with multiple services

Cost saving - it`s more cost-efficient that full-time work of an in-house team

Fresh relevant experience using bleeding-edge technologies

A clear and well-organized development process