Team extension

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Team extension

What`s Team Extension

Our Team Extension service means that our developers become a single entity with your in-house team during the entire project. We carefully select all team members based on your requirements to make a perfect match for a candidate with your expectations. They are totally engaged in your project and work in line with your business goals.

Why you need it

  • You need to develop new modules or whole applications
  • You don’t want to spend time on hiring, onboarding and maintaining experienced and cost-effective IT specialist at your location.
  • You are looking for a team that works on your project only and follow the same rules as your in-house team.
  • You want to get more for less – a balanced agile team who hit your goals in the most optimal way.
  • You need a guaranteed result and professional QA and support

How we do it

  • Find (in team or hire) guys with appropriate skills
  • We onboard them
  • Keep on eye on the process (PM)
  • Scale the team and change anybody if needed
  • We check and guarantee team level
  • We provide suitable workspace, knowledge sharing, team buildings to keep extremely high motivation

Results you get

A boosted performance with our experienced team and high-skilled Project manager

Support and consultancy - we are ready to help with any issues on the project and keep its work sound and fast

Our expertise and skills - we combine the best practices to ensure in-time and cost-efficient delivery of the project

More benefits for fewer costs - we guarantee the high-level result in frames of your budget