What is Angular?

Angular is a JavaScript framework that is good for developing single-page applications. It means that a user will load a web page only once and all the actions or updates will happen without the page reload.

Angular essentials

AngularJS is a complex framework. In the standard delivery, it provides the following options:

  • All you need to create CRUD applications like data-binding, basic template directives, form validation, routing, deep linking, component reuse, dependency injection, tools for interacting with a server, data sources.
  • All you need for testing: means for unit testing, end-to-end testing, mock-and.
  • A template for a typical application that includes a directory structure and test scripts.

Angular allows you to create single-page applications that are becoming popular. With the development of technology, more functionality is transferred to the browser and users solve a huge number of tasks without installing additional software on their computers. Single-page applications create the impression of working with standard programs. They reduce the load on the server and can provide a much richer interface for the end user.

Why use Angular?

Using the framework allows you to reduce development time. The main reason to choose any framework is the cost of the time of the programmer and with the development of computer capacities, we can use less labor-intensive solutions. An example of such a time saving is the ability to bind data. Angular gives this functionality by default right after the installation.

In order to get started, it’s enough to get just one file named angular.js It contains all the basic functionality that you need. All additional tools are divided into modules and can be added as needed.

What projects is Angular good for?

Angular is good for single-page applications. Here are a few examples of the projects that were built with Angular:

  • Brilliant Earth at https://www.brilliantearth.com/
  • TAP Air Portugal at https://www.flytap.com/en-us/
  • Copa Airlines at https://www.copaair.com/en/web/us
  • Microsoft Office Support at https://support.office.com/
  • Google Pay at https://pay.google.com/send/home?authuser=0
  • U.S. bank at https://www.usbank.com/index.html

Hire Angular Js developers

Developing a new app requires hiring a remote or in-house team. What makes the first option more efficient? Looking for a team of Angular developers that will work in your office requires a lot of time. You spend it on interviews and on letting people prepare for participating in a new project. Hiring freelance developers will definitely save your time and let you release the project much earlier.

Angular JS development company

You can hire an Angular development company that is located in any part of the world. If you see that it’s easy to communicate with a new team, explain your thoughts and details of the project, the cooperation will be easy and fun. You will get as many people for a new app as required. It can be a single developer or a whole team.

Outsource Angular JS development company

An outsource development company is a good choice if you want to use a powerful framework for building your apps with maximum cost and time efficiency. Discuss the goals, set the milestones for the project and just start your way.