What is Aurelia?

Aurelia is a relatively new JavaScript framework that was first released in 2015. It has become very popular among developers thanks to its ease of use. It’s a front-end framework that you can use to build desktop, mobile and web applications. You will find a pack of JS modules that serve to be a powerful platform for creating engaging and compelling user experience.

Aurelia essentials

Aurelia has done a lot of things right: the approach to development, the structure of the framework, and the methodology for creating web applications. In the framework of many wonderful techniques used. It is an actual platform using modern technologies.

We believe that the main problem with Aurelia is the lack of developers dealing with the basic functionality of the framework. It seems that there are a lot of ideas and concepts that are designed to solve the main drawbacks of existing frameworks, but all this does not look quite complete. Aurelia seems to be at the development stage but in this case this is a framework that has the status of a finished product.

Why use Aurelia?

If you need a powerful tool that could let you reach your business goals with ease, Aurelia is a perfect choice. It can become a universal solution for solving several tasks. Various plugins, features and a CLI make this framework efficient for building web applications with an interactive user interface.

If you want to use the MVC template and reach a high-quality result, then you should look at Aurelia. There’s one drawback that you should keep in mind. This framework lacks a larger community that can help its development.

What projects is Aurelia good for?

Aurelia has many possibilities. If this framework remains faithful to its core principles, it will retain the web development templates. They will be debugged with Angular, but will give them in a more standardized and elaborate form. We cannot predict if Aurelia will develop in this direction.

Hire Aurelia JS developers

It’s good to have a JS outsource company to cooperate with on new projects. You will always have one person or several experts that can work on your application. Hiring A lot of work on Aurelia can be performed by a single developer. If this person can’t devote enough time to the project or decides to change something radically in it, long-term projects may face problems.

It’s good to hire freelance developers that can focus on your project and provide you with the maximum efficiency of the development. Creating an in-house team takes much more time and requires a lot of additional costs. There’s no need to pay taxes, think where to find enough space to let people work in your office and so on.

Aurelia JS development company

Cooperation with a development company is a good choice if you want experienced programmers to take care of your web app. All members of a remote team have a non stop flow of work that can vary from participating in small projects to becoming a part of a huge team for a complicated application.

Outsource Aurelia JS development company

Start your work with a remote team with defining the goals of your new project and discussing the details of it. Divide a big project into milestones and set the deadlines for each of them. The next step will be the work of a new remote team that will finish the task on time. Time efficiency will let you release a new app and enter a new market faster.