What is Ionic?

Ionic is a very popular open-source development kit to build native apps for mobile devices. It’s based on Angular.js with an efficient DOM management. Ionic comprises Javascript, CSS and HTML for web apps. Most of JS developers are familiar with this technology. It makes app development cost and time efficient.

Ionic essentials

Ionic comes with a full pack of tools out of the box. You get sliders, tabs, buttons, pop-ups, icons and much more. These elements were primarily designed for mobile screens, but nothing prevents you from using them for desktop. This technology is all about the UI and the way everything appears on the screen. It can be combined with JS frameworks and technologies for developing great projects.

Why use Ionic?

All user interface components can be reused for developing some specific parts of the application. They are based on CSS and HTML or JS. They are easy to implement in a new project and fit any other platform thanks to the Platform Continuity. A user-oriented approach allows creating different styles for each operating system to make user experience positive.

What projects is Ionic used for?

One code base for multiple platforms has attracted big market players use Ionic for their projects:

  • McLaren Automotive for news and fun content;
  • ePeople for HR experts to manage the processes;
  • Untappd as a social network for beer lovers;
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture for online visits;
  • MarketWatch for business news;
  • iPic for in-theater dining.

Hire Ionic developers

The quality and efficiency of a new project depends on a team of people involved in the process. Hiring JS outsource developers is a key to building cost and time efficient apps. You express your ideas, visions, plans and get one or several candidates to become a part of your team. You don’t have to organize a working place or deal with taxes. All you do here is focusing on the project and its development.

Ionic framework development company

Hiring an in-house Ionic mobile developer requires a lot of time and costs for finding and training a new person. It will also require a new management processes to supervise the process and the goals. Ionic development company will easily stand out as you get what you need in a matter of a few days or even a few hours.

Outsource Ionic framework development company

Instant communication via online tools allows you organise a team of developers in any country of the world. It’s safe and reliable to cooperate with a JavaScript development company as you can get the right expert that will meet your requirements and expectations. This person will have great and positive atmosphere for working on your application and have all the means to get in touch with you from start to finish.

Angular JS development in Codemotion company

What makes Codemotion team different from competitors is working with only pro developers that are truly in love with what they’re doing. Such an approach guarantees a high efficiency of the development process. Ionic ninjas are a fast-growing JS outsourcing company with over 450 finished projects within 10 years of active programming.

We set the goals, define milestones, pick up the technology stack for a new project and build a new app. One code with a different interface style for every operating system will give users a positive experience. Get your application well-designed and developed by pro Ionic developers.