What is Meteor JS?

Meteor is a magic wind that developers use to build web apps. It’s a JS framework that you get with a bunch of packages and libraries. It’s easy to use and it’s easy to prototype with Meteor. You have a little code that will lead to fewer bugs. This code is easy to reuse in the future and it seems to be more stable.

Meteor JS essentials

We deal with an isomorphic ecosystem that may seem to be confusing for you. What does it mean? We can create one piece of code and use it for both front-end and back-end sides. They have one and the same APIs. Some people call Meteor as a full-stack framework for this feature.

If we compare other frameworks with a standard kitchen, we will have some basic furniture, a microwave, a fridge and other basic things that we cannot live without. When we are talking about the Meteor, the kitchen will be full of everything that we can ever imagine this place to contain. We’ll get a fridge full of food, a lot of different appliances and so on.

Why use Meteor JS?

Developing a new app with Meteor is easy and fast. You can release a small project in 3 or 4 weeks. It seems to be magic but it’s true. It’s a good choice for startups that need to enter a new market quickly. Hiring a Meteor developer won’t be a problem as this JS framework is very popular worldwide.

This framework is easy to learn, so a JS developer can easily dive into the magic world of Meteor with ease. Building real-time applications is what you can get with Meteor. You come up with a full-stack reactivity. Here we mean all the packages, templates, database and so on. A real-time app is the one that doesn’t require a full page reload to update the data on the web page.

What projects is Meteor JS good for?

There’s no need to write a lot about what kind of projects you can use Meteor for. It’s much better to take a look at the applications that were developed with this framework. Here are some of them:

  • Mazda car configurator at https://configurator.mazda.nl/
  • Classcraft at http://www.classcraft.com/
  • Oculus health at http://www.oculushealth.com/
  • Gameraven at https://gameraven.com/
  • Thoughtly at https://www.thoughtly.co/

Hire Meteor Js developers

Do you want to hire in-house developers or work with a freelance development company? The first variant requires time to find one or several candidates and some more time to let them dive into the world of your business. The second variant is much more time-efficient as JavaScript outsource developers can start working over a new app right after you make a deal.

Meteor JS development company

Start your cooperation with a JS outsourcing company describing business goals and the details of the new application. Set fixed goals and divide the whole project into milestones. Codemotion programmers use an Agile approach when working on a new app, so you will be a part of a team knowing about every step that is made.

Outsource Meteor JS development company

What can seem to be so good as cooperating with a JavaScript development company to build a real-time app in a short time? Meteor is easy to use, an outsource team is easy to work with.