What is Node.js?

Node.js is a JS environment based on the Chrome V8 JS engine. It provides developers with an event-driven, non-blocking input/output model. This turns Node.js into an efficient and lightweight technology with the biggest ecosystem of resources for developers. The asynchronous runtime is great for creating single-page applications that are easy to scale in the future.

Node.js appeared in 2009 for building interactive scalable apps. It’s a server-side technology that uses JS for its performance. It’s compatible with React.js, Backbone.js and Angular.js frameworks and jQuery library to provide users with a high-performing application. JS is used on the client and server sides making the programming process fast and efficient.

Node.js essentials

What makes Node.js an efficient technology is how it handles the requests. It simply transfers it to the server file system and gets ready for a new request (no more waiting for the response). The system processes the request and sends the response to the client.

Processes are never blocked, no functions perform input/output making Node.js a perfect tool for scalable systems where huge volumes of data are processed. An asynchronous model is memory efficient. Users perceive this as a high-performing interactive real-time app. What makes Node.js so attractive for developers is the biggest NPM community in the world with over 700,000 reusable code blocks for building applications.

Why use Node.js?

Here are the top five reasons to use Node.js for your project:

  • A huge community and reusable code for both backend and frontend make programming time and cost efficient.
  • The asynchronous model handles a huge number of connections with a high throughput for a high performance.
  • Websockets handle concurrent connections for real-time apps with a big number of users over a TCP protocol.
  • A single codebase for both frontend and backend thanks to Meteor (based on Node.js) for cost- and time-efficient app development.

What projects is Node.js used for?

Here are the top projects based on Node.js:

  • PayPal – for the client side, JS is used for both server and front parts, the number of developers decreased twice, the number of code lines became less by 33% with 40% fewer files (if comparing to the prior Java version).
  • LinkedIn – for the server side, scalability and communication with other services decreased the number of servers from 30 to 3 and made a mobile app 20 times faster.
  • NetFlix – for the UI, lightweight, high performance and modularity reduced the startup time of the app by 70%.
  • Uber – for the full-stack programming, a quick data processing, on-the-go debugging and a huge community made this app high performing.
  • Ebay – for the server-side part, single-threading, non-blocking I/O, scalability and other features made the app as real-time as possible able to process huge amounts of data.

Hire Node developers

What can make a Node.js application stand out and provide the best user experience is the right choice of modules, libraries and other tools for a specific project. Hiring a pro Node developer makes building a new app or updating the existing one cost and time efficient.

Node JS development company

A company that will turn a simple code into a tremendous app is a team of experienced Node.js developers with a clear understanding of why this very technology should be used. You save time, money and efforts delegating the project building instead of creating the in-house team.

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