What is React JS?

React is a JavaScript library that is used for crafting user interfaces. It’s easy to use. It’s flexible and efficient for building complicated user interfaces.Programmers use components that look like isolated code pieces. It’s not a framework and it’s perfect for interactive interfaces.

In short, React will fit your app is you need data change in a single-page application without the need to reload the whole page. This library takes care of View in the Model View Controller chain. We have components that can change or update separately. We can compare all the components with a tree where each of them looks like a branch.

React essentials

Let’s take one example that will fully describe the essentials of React JS. When you post a photo on Facebook, you see that the number of likes is growing without the urgent need to reload the page. The same happens with the comments. It seems to be a kind of magic but here we have separate components that are responsible for counting reactions, displaying comments and so on. This magic is performed by React JS.

Take a look at your Facebook page or someone else’s one. Take a look and try to notice which components get modified without reloading the page. There can be hundreds of them and the goal of React is to make them display the right way and behave the way you expect them to do so.

Why use React?

What can make you use React for your project? Is it efficient enough to build high-quality apps in a short time? This library provides you with Virtual DOM(Document Object Model). The changes that occur in the components happen really fast. You tap on the screen or make a click with your mouse and yousee the updates right after that. There’s no need to wait for anything. Everything happens in real time.

What you get if you use React.js for your project:

  • A single-page application ;
  • Components update separately ;
  • Easy to scale and update ;
  • High-speed work ;
  • Great for team development, strict UI compliance, and a workflow template;
  • The UI code is easy to maintain.


Why you should not choose React:

  • At the initial stage, React slows down the work. Understanding how props, state work and how components interact is not easy, and the manual is a “labyrinth of information”. In theory, this can be done quickly if an entire team is working on it;
  • React does not support browsers from older than IE8;
  • If your application / website is not saturated with a large number of dynamic pages, you will have to write a lot of code solving tiny problems;

What projects is React good for?

You can use React for almost any kind of programs that you want to build. It’s good for the client-side and server-side as well. A React programmer can freely use it alone or together with other frameworks to improve the scalability of the applications.

Here are a few examples of the apps that were built with React:

  • WTF What is data science?;
  • Barovier&Toso;
  • Prince discography;
  • Build your Porsche;
  • Boucherie Lawrence;
  • Clear Motion.

Hire React JS developers

Building a new project requires hiring at least one React.js developer. If you plan to start with a small web app and scale it to something bigger, it’s good to have someone to assist you with this. Hiring a team of developers can be at a high figure. Cooperating with an outsource react development company will surely become much more cost-efficient.

React JS development company

A reliable offshore development company has experienced programmers that are always busy with some projects. They regularly update their qualification and participate in small and complex projects. Why should you work with a remote team for building a new project? You get developers that start their work right after you discuss the goals and details. You save time and you don’t take care of the taxes or any extra costs related to the organization of the workflow.

Outsource React JS development company

React web development is popular these days as you get a scalable and high-performing single-page application in a short time. Hiring a Codemotion team will save much of your time and costs that