What is Redux?

Redux is a state manager or a state container for JavaScript apps. It’s well known for its use with React apps. It makes lives of the developers easier. A developer will have much more variants of how to display data on a web page. Here we mean any element of a page that you can relocate or change its behaviour.

Redux essentials

Elm and Flux came out a little bit earlier. They were used for Facebook. Developers faced some problems and difficulties with the scalability when using these tools. Redux became a magic wind with its unidirectional data flow. There’s one state that we can name as a central or root one. You can obtain one change at a time with a specific function.

Why use Redux?

Let’s think why you don’t actually need Redux for your project. If you have a simple application and you are not sure if you should use Redux or not, don’t rush. If a developer needs some specific tools for managing the app state and for testing it, you can consider using Redux as a major tool. It can be used with React.

What projects is Redux good for?

You can use this library together with Rect or any other tool. It’s good that we have a lot to say about Redux, but looking at real projects where it’s used will be much more helpful. Here are a few examples:

  • https://mattermark.com/ – a powerful platform for intelligent business;
  • https://www.here.com/en – for their tools;
  • https://github.com/mozilla/payments-ui – Redux was used for the UI.

Hire React/Redux developers

Hiring a Redux developer is a tough task if you are looking for someone to become a part of your in-house team. You will require some time to pick up the candidates, conduct interviews and get ready to spend from one week to a few months educating people on new positions. Is there a more optimal way out?

One more variant is to hire freelance developers and cooperate with them remotely. You won’t have to spend so much time until they are ready to work on your new application. It can be an outsource company or individual Redux developers. You pick up the variant that fits you the most.

Redux JS development company

Working with a JavaScript development company provides you with a much more efficient workflow as you can always be sure that the qualification of every developer is proved. You can check the portfolio and find out real and true feedbacks from other company clients.

Outsource Redux JS development company

The most efficient application development in a matter of costs and time is when cooperating with a JavaScript outsourcing company. You save costs as you get the developers that are ready to jump into your project and you pay less for their work. You save time. Cooperating with an outsource Redux development team is a key to a much faster app release and an efficient workflow.