What is UI/UX Design?

What is UI/UX Design? US stands for the user experience while UI means user interface. Both abbreviations refer to design and they are of high importance for any IT product. We’ll tell you the essentials about these two issues.

User experience

What comes to your mind when you think of the design? Do you think of colors, graphics or any creativity staff? Most of the people do so. What we have in real life is a performance that aims at giving people a smooth and positive experience while using your product. A UX designer doesn’t craft any graphics.

The major task of the UX designer is to find out information about the future clients of the app, their expectations, and requirements. UX development components:

  • The investigation of the competitors
  • The investigation of the clients
  • Building the structure of a new product
  • Participating in building a strategy
  • Developing content
  • Wireframing / prototyping / testing
  • The investigation of the progress and iteration

In simple words, the goal of a UX developer is to help you reach business goals by providing users with a satisfactory experience from using your product.

User interface

The major task of a UI designer is to craft an intuitive interface for clients. If people take two identical products but with a contrasting interface, they will love the one that will be more untaught. That’s the law for all the products. Here we mean hardware and software.

UI design and development components:

  • The investigation of clients
  • The investigation of the designs
  • Developing graphics
  • Building user guides
  • Prototyping
  • Adopting design to all types of devices
  • Cooperation with developers

With a good UI, clients will have a good interface that will let them fall in love with the product. It’s impossible to imagine a product with a good UI and bad UX. In this case, you will have an unstable version of an app. It will look good but work in a poor way. The same works for the vice versa situation.

What do UI/UX designers do?

If we name a person a designer, we can mean a wide range of fields. When we say UI or UX engineers, here we mean specific issues that these people perform. Let’s take a close look at what these people do and why you need them to be in your team.

A UX expert

They craft interaction models, develop the flow for the users, and UI specs. They craft the scenario from start to finish, specs and mockups. It’s all about the way the user will feel when using the product. Some of the tools that designers use are Fireworks. InVision, Photoshop, Sketch and Adobe Illustrator.

A UI expert

They develop the look of each page of the app. They ensure that UI responds to the right UX flow. They keep up consistency through the whole product. Some companies combine the roles of UX and UI engineers into one position. Some of the tools they use are Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks and Sketch.

A lot of companies combine these roles and the tasks that they perform. If a new project is huge, there’s sense to separate the roles and let each team player perform their tasks the best way. If you overload them, you may get a poor result and an unfinished work on the deadline date. If a new project is small, such a combination of roles may raise the cost and time efficiency of the app creation.

Benefit from working with a remote UX design team

If you want to have a cost and time efficient product creation, hiring a remote team of designers is what you need. We have a team of professional UX/UI engineers with a solid background of education and workflow. Here at Codemotion, we know how to build a smooth design lifecycle and deliver the best results.

UX development is a key to the success of your project. We can offer you the best solutions that will solve your business needs by giving your clients a great interaction and an intuitive design. Cooperation with us is easy and effective.