Why do you need a mobile app?

What comes to your mind when you think of the reasons why you should build a mobile program? If your commerce is already running and you are happy with its development, you may want to postpone planning the development of the app. If your organization is at its beginning, you may consider app creation as a waste of time and other limited resources.

There’s one real thing that you should take into account. If your customers use mobile phones, you can reach them in a much easier way. What is this way? It’s an application that will somehow represent your brand. What can you provide for the customers? What interest do they get from using your program?

I don’t need a mobile app for my business, do I?

Don’t rush into building a new project if you don’t see a clear and precise profit for your company. Take your phone and evaluate your website. If you have is nice and smooth, you may leave the site as it is. If you are not comfortable with the navigation or you have to think a lot about how to make a purchase, it’s high time to think of developing mobile applications. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny or huge corporation, you should definitely make the user experience positive.

Take a look at what your competitors have. It’s great to use their services as ordinary users. Do they have applications? How many times was it installed? What’s your overall impression? You can use the same functionality or you can find the drawbacks and remove them in your own software.

As a brand owner, you know that you solve specific tasks or problems of your customers. How can a new program do the same? Can you implement the existing way of the sales flow into apps for small organizations? Or you can use a new app for simplifying the sales flow and making it faster. Calculate the efficiency of the development and think it’s good for you or not.

Mobile apps for business: a few essential facts

We believe that if a customer has a mobile phone, we should definitely use it as a sales channel. Why do we think so? Take a look around in any public place and count how many people are fully focused on what they see on the screen. What kinds of perks can an app provide for the customers?

Always online. Your company seems to be working 24/7 even if it’s not true. An average person spends about five hours a day with a phone. It can be early morning or late at night. App users will definitely get a quick response to their requests. This creates a feeling that you are always online with your customers.

Advertising campaigns. You develop a simple app for your corporation and you can offer hot and attractive discounts or bonuses. You can use notifications that will ring the bell and inform the users that there’s something new. You can become partners with other brands to increase the number of sales.

Social networks. People love communicating online and spend their time viewing the timeline. You can have an app that will be available in specific social networks programs. You can showcase new or updated products or represent something new. And don’t forget that people can share their impressions from the software use.

I need a mobile app for my business!

What can your company gain or get from crafting an application? It’s not only about sales and the income. It’s also about your reputation. Do you know how big you will be in two or five years? Will you need the software if you grow up to the size of a huge corporation? A lot to ask and a lot to think of.

We have provided some perks for your customers above and now let’s think of what you get with an app for your company. Here are the key issues.

It makes you different

If you have a mobile program, it will help you keep the pace of the market development or be even faster than your competitors. You can even be the only company in your niche that has built a mobile application. If you see that every organization has its own app, think of how you may look different.

It gives you the freedom

You are not limited to building apps for mobile phones only. Consider a great number of people that use smartwatches, Google Glass that we will have in the nearest future. Take a look at the technologies of the future. Consider a mobile device to be any lightweight gadget that customers can take with them anywhere they go.

It saves your brand image

If you don’t want to be one of the outdated companies for your customers, you should definitely build a mobile app. Collect the data about who uses the app, where they are from and everything about their interests. The more often people see you and your image the more sales you will have as a result.

It’s trendy

If you want to stand out among competitors and show yourself as an experienced market player, you should definitely have a mobile application. If you have a huge corporation, you will make the customer outreach much easier. Use a mobile interface for tremendous sales increase with the help of a mobile app.

What’s more?

You can have your own advantages that will be strong enough for you to make a positive decision to begin crafting a new program. You can have a few versions of the app that you will test on different groups of customers. You can test, improve, update and release applications as often as you need without asking yourself why you are doing it so often.

How do I get an app for my business?

You’ve made your mind and you are ready to plan the development. Where to begin and what do you need for this? If you want to get an app for your company and you don’t plan to dive into the world of crafting dozens of applications, it’s good to find a remote team. Cost and time efficiency if the best for developing one mobile program.

Here at Codemotion, we use different tools to build apps for companies. How can we work together? We discuss the goals, the milestones and the budget. We pick up developers and begin the programming routine. We help you implement your ideas into real software that will help you reach your business goals. What you get at the end is a stable MVP that will fully meet your requirements.