Why do you need QA

What do we all mean by the QA abbreviation? Quality assurance is not limited to just testing routine or fixing bugs. We’ll take a close look at what is comprised into this term and what you may expect from a qualified QA engineer.

What does a good QA engineer do?

Here are the key tasks that you can delegate to a QA expert in your team:

  • Find weak points and drawbacks during the app development
  • Make specifications for the application more clear and precise
  • Testing apps at any phase of their development
  • Communicating with all team members

Good communicative skills are very important for the QA engineer as they should inform designers and developers about any issues that may improve or spoil the user experience.

Why do you need QA testing?

We’ll describe you the typical lifecycle of the app testing. We won’t go deep into technical details but we’ll provide you with the essential data. Here are the five phases of testing:

  1. Collecting data. QAs may cooperate with business analysts or work alone to find out the clients expect and want to see, choose the right solutions and arrange tests. The aim of this phase is to decide if there’s sense to develop a new app.
  2. Planning tests. This phase comprises building a strategy, evaluating risks and planning tests. There should be a precise set of actions.
  3. Creating test plans. The aim of this phase is checking if the app meets all the expectations and if there are any bugs.
  4. Testing. It’s all about executing the arranged tests. The aim is the same as in phase #3.
  5. Analyzing. What we have here is detecting and fixing bugs together with improving the user experience.

If you don’t have such a person in your team, you will have high risks to fail.

Why is quality assurance so important?

You may have qualified developers, a super great team leader and there’s a question of what you really get from software quality assurance. Here are some key benefits that you get:

  • Safety and security. Imagine having a working payment system but suddenly something goes wrong and money is transferred to a random account. It may lead to a disaster if the sum is too big.
  • Cost efficiency. We advise you to calculate how much you will spend on removing the bugs and on preventing them. The sums will greatly differ.
  • Business reputation. What will your regular customers think together with your competitors if you release an app with bugs? You will lose time and money removing the bugs.
  • The highest quality. There are a lot of gadgets and your task is to guarantee a perfect user experience.

Software quality assurance by Codemotion

QA is an essential part of launching a new product. Codemotion is a team of qualified developers and certified QA engineers. We organize tests to make the development time and cost efficient. We provide all five phases of testing and guarantee the highest quality of the final app release.

With Codemotion you get all the benefits from cooperating with an outsource company together with quality assurance process that will help you reach all your business goals. Quality matters. We’re here to make your application stand out.